Friday, August 31, 2018

What Will it Take?

The President of the United States constantly claims that the press is the enemy of the people.

He claims an investigation in to Russian interference in our elections is a witch hunt.

He claims that our Department of Justice, the FBI and and the CIA are all part of a deep state conspiracy because they agree that the Russians interfered in our last election.

He now wants the government to step in and regulate what search results come up when you look for Trump News.

Any story that is not flattering to him is FAKE NEWS even if he is later forced to corroborate the story. And any news organization that reports on him in any way that is not flattering is the FAKE NEWS MEDIA and again the enemy of the people.

How are you not bothered by this? I mean honestly. How can anyone, I don't care what their politics are or were not be bothered by this?

I keep telling myself that even though the whole country has gotten so polarized lately that I would still be able to look at a progressive doing this sort of thing and unequivocally come down on the side of "That is wrong." And yet, I have conservative friends who aren't. Who are okay with it. Who even if they might not like this aspect of his public life won't condemn it because they like other things he is doing. Which face it what they like is the remaking of the judiciary in a conservative image.

But how can that be so important to you that you are ignoring the authoritarian drum he is beating?

In a meeting with evangelicals this week he warned that if the left wins the midterms they would overthrow the things he passed (never mind that he didn't actually get the Johnson Amendment repealed) violently. So violently. That doesn't even make sense. If democrats take back over the House and the Senate why would they need to be violent in stopping him? They would have the political power at that point. Violence wouldn't even be necessary.

And this has been part of my problem for so long now. Logic. There is a lack of logical reasoning going on almost all of the time. I used to fight with people about the Clintons' and their dead people conspiracy. People want to tell me that if you cross the Clintons you will end up dead. And yet...Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Juanita Broaddrick, they are all alive. Wouldn't you think that if the Clintons killed off their troubles we would not have heard from any of these people? Use the logic path.

The flag incident with Trump. He shot himself in the foot with that one and yet conservatives rushed to show that NO! FAKE NEWS! LOOK! and would quote the flag code. Which, yes, does give a prescribed amount of time. And if he had just left it alone it would have been petty for sure but you could argue he just wanted it done by the book, but he didn't. He came back after getting push back from veterans' groups and made a decree and then re-lowered the flag. He could have made that decree as soon as Senator McCain passed, but he didn't. He tweeted sympathy for the family and moved on. Which, I will tell you I didn't have a problem with the tweet. They didn't like each other, anything else from him would have been disingenuous to the point of distasteful. HOWEVER... lowering the flag until Saturday when McCain will be buried is respecting the service of the man and he should have done that without being forced to. Use the logic path. He didn't do what was right automatically, he did what was petty automatically and then backtracked.

The logic trail is not being walked by a lot of conservatives right now. If Trump has nothing to hide and did nothing wrong then why not let the Mueller investigation just play out and finish in a natural timeline? If Sessions is actually implementing his twisted little plans the most efficiently of all of Trump's appointees (and he is) then why keep threatening to fire him, unless it's because he wants the Mueller investigation stopped? He is hiding something. He has always been hiding something and the logic trail keeps walking us to that conclusion. But for some reason conservatives don't want to look at it. They are too busy trying to find side paths that they can take that will distract them.

There was a threat against The Boston Globe where the person used the "enemy of the people" line and tied it to the Mueller investigation. Because the President of the United States keeps saying it. What will it take for people to see this is a problem? When will conservatives see that he's a wannabe dictator?  That his stance isn't "the good of the American people" but "Trump first?"

Follow the logic path. It's actually pretty well paved at this point...

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