Tuesday, July 3, 2018


I have a friend who will not ever say a negative thing about a famous black man. As a black man himself he feels like the world we live in is already hard enough on black men so he will not tear a brother down.

I have female friends who post memes about not ever tearing another woman down. That they will only build up other women. They feel that world we live in is already hard enough on women that they will not add to the mix.

I do not subscribe to either of these principles.

My feelings on equality are that if you have a bad idea I am not going to first look at the color of your skin, your gender, your sexual orientation or anything else to say I think that's a bad idea. Now I will defer to people who have more experience, I would never tell my black male friend that I as a white woman understand the black experience more than he does. And I will tell my male friends to have several seats when they explain to me what feminism is. But I don't give people a pass for bad ideas because of who they were born as. And at times I am boggled by the choices they make, Log Cabin Republicans I'm looking at you.

Trump is getting ready to pick his next Supreme Court Justice and there is a lot of talk about Amy Coney Barrett getting the nod. And the talk is already focused on how women will HAVE to support her or look hypocritical. Ummm...no. She's an uber religious, uber conservative justice, why in the world would I support her? Just because she has a vagina? That's the sexist part, just incase you were lost here. Supporting women for no other reason than they are women is ridiculous. Women can be just as bad or just as good as men. Just being a woman does not instill in you magical powers.

I also read a story that talked about how Trump was excited about the prospect of nominating the first conservative female justice to the Supreme Court. Reagan called and he'd like to show you the first female justice of the Supreme Court. Though she does bring me to the second part of my latest argument these days....

Justice O'Connor did not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and as such now she has been relegated to the disappointment pile for conservatives. Because that is the end game. It always has been. And right now Trump is playing this stupid game and the media has been stupidly parroting it. He says, "I won't ask any of the nominees about their feelings on Roe v. Wade." HE DOESN'T HAVE TO! The list he was provided is made up of judges who are on record as opposed to Roe v. Wade. And a lot of other progressive items. These are pre-vetted justices. Please stop acting like he is looking any further than the most conservative of the conservatives.

"Oh this is settled law." STOP IT! We had an overturning of voter rights and free rider in unions. Both things that had been before the courts before and had precedent that was ignored. And remember my rant the other day about how in THIS session the court contradicted itself in its judgements about the bakery and the travel ban. This is an activist court. I know conservatives think that that only applies when progressives are in charge, but please believe this court now, and this court when Trump gets his next appointee is a solidly activist court.

Now there is actually a little bit of concern brewing in the conservative community. They are starting to see that there is a real possibility that Roe v. Wade will actually be overturned. Crazy right? THEY are worried. Two main reasons, what else will they campaign on once it's gone? And the second there is actually only a minority percentage of Americans that want it overturned. Sure there are limits that people want, or they want to stomp around and say that it should be illegal, but to actually make it illegal? Well...now...slow down. I've talked before that even people who argue about abortion don't really believe their position on abortion. Well pretty soon they are going to be faced with what happens when their rhetoric becomes law.

The dog who finally catches the car.

So I don't care if it's a woman who sits on the bench that casts that decisive vote or a man, all I care about is that it's happening. And there isn't a thing I can do to stop it. Because a large portion of our country couldn't be bothered to vote. We've let the uber conservatives run the show and this is now the show we have to live. So yeah, conservatives, you did this as much as progressives. Now we see where it leads.


Vote in every single election.

Make sure your voice is heard.

The fringes of your party are going to. You need to as well.

The center will not hold if you won't hold it.

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