Saturday, May 19, 2018

Started It...

Started the fiction piece I was going to write yesterday and got about halfway through it then decided I didn't like the way it was going so I stopped.

A lot of writing is like that.

You have the idea, for most of us you have a LOT of ideas. Ideas are not that hard part of writing, usually. Even when I have writer's block and I'm complaining about not having anything what I really mean is I don't have anything more than the nugget of an idea. Because I have notes and notes and more notes of ideas. The idea isn't the hard part.

It's the rest.

The part that makes it a story. Gives it flow. Makes you see the scene I have in my head.

And right now the idea I had on Friday morning is not yet a story. See I need to get it to the second act, the second scene, that's where the real story is, but I can't just start there. There has to be a door opened to walk through. A room they start in. A frame work. If I don't get that then I can't get to the next piece.

So I came up with something yesterday that I thought would work, but it's not. Not yet. There is something about it that's missing. It's a complicated main character and I need to give you information about her without telling you too much. You need to discover the second piece in the second act. Without that moment of discovery the story doesn't work. The whole premise of the story is around that piece.

But it's proving to be more complicated than I thought it would be.

I think I might need to backup even further. Start you with her from a younger age. But then it becomes a much longer story that I was thinking it would be. That's a different framework. I wanted it to be about 1000 words, if I back up too far I'm looking at 2000, 3000. Or a multipart story. Which I could do but it's not as punchy that way. I really wanted this to be a punchy 1000 words.

And it might be. My guess is that there is a flaw in the original idea and the process is pointing it out. That happens a lot as well. The story I thought I was going to tell ends up not being the story that I tell at all. There is only a passing resemblance to the original note as there was to the story I wrote. And that's fine as well. Usually.

But I do really think there is something here so I will keep tossing the idea in my head trying to polish it up in to a better short story than it is right now.

So that's why you get another filler blog. I'm working it out. I promise. And I am hopeful it will turn into something cool. But I'm also aware that it might not. It might join the pile of false starts and half stories just waiting patiently for their turn.

Hmm...that might be a good story idea. All of the half starts join together to form a revolt...let me think about that...

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