Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ten more days to go...

Trying to figure out what to write about today and the things that were pressing themselves forward I actually had no urge to write about so I was tapped. That's what happens when you try and fight with what your mind thinks it wants to write. It just shuts down on you and refuses to write anything. What I will end up doing is writing it all down tomorrow and not publishing it. Clear out the cobwebs and move it along.

But that still leaves me with today.

What about today?

So I decided I would run to the grocery store and pay super close attention to everything while I was gone and come back with an idea.

So how did it go?

Let's see what can I write about? I dropped off some mail in the box when I got there. Pick up time is 3:30 and the time I dropped it off? 3:30 Bingo! Of course I didn't see a mail truck anywhere around so I am guessing they were running late. Because if the were there early then that would suck for people who really needed to mail it today and knew pick up time was 3:30 right? Whatever...

Dropped off the latest bathing suit return at the UPS store. I have done so many returns between Christmas and swimsuit shopping that I hit the door now and the guy just says, "Dropping off?"

So maybe a deep insightful blog about...ummm...mail? Timing? Expectations? Nope, let's move on.

Pull in at the grocery store after navigating the crazy parking lot. Seriously people just don't much pay attention. It's always an adventure getting in and out without getting hit.
Even the dogs ignore you

So maybe a blog about crazy drivers? Nah...

I walk in and there is a sign at the door "Thank you for your patience during our remodel" It's like after all these years they don't even know me! I hate a remodel it means I will have to find everything again and pay attention when I shop instead of going on autopilot. Like I said I would today. Ah...well played, grocery store, well played.

So as I've been walking around today I've been favoring my left leg. I have a nasty bruise coming in and the crease in my jeans right where my knee bends keeps pressing on it. It's very tender. This morning when I first noticed it I couldn't figure out where it came from and then I finally did. I got it at the hockey game last night. I was climbing over the seat and my foot slipped in something wet. At the time I was more concerned with keeping my balance but thinking back that would have been where my leg hit the back of the seat. But it didn't bother me during the game. Because it's hockey and you don't stop for silly injuries during hockey...

Okay, on to looking at yogurt. I saw a commercial today for Yoplait Greek yogurt and it was "winning" all of these taste tests. Did you know that most of the time if you see something winning a taste test it's just because it's sweeter than the other thing? Pepsi will beat Coke in a quick sip challenge but not in sales. Because people consistently say Pepsi is too sweet. But we are programmed to like sweet things, fruits and such, for the quick hit of sugar. Evolution bitches...So anyway...I wanted to see how far up the ingredient list sugar is compared to the other yogurts. Really high. Oh and it's not Greek yogurt like strained and thick, it's "Greek" yogurt as in added corn starch and thickened that way. Ugh.

There is an announcement about some sale or another and the music comes back on. London Calling by The Clash. As the grocery store music. The Clash. London Calling. My rebel teenage self just freaked out a bit. Wow...

Okay, so on with the shopping. Lots of empty shelves as they are moving things. This is now in Aisle #2, This is now in Aisle #6. I only need a few things so haven't had to back track yet. And then I see it...I would have taken a picture of my face but you all know how bad I am a selfies...

Flavored. Like real chips. Who the hell do you think you are fooling?

Okay, well, shopping is done and I still have no deep insightful blog. Drive home don't fail me!

Listening to the 90s on 9 and Len's Steal My Sunshine comes on. My friend Dana had put out a request over the weekend about lyrics to songs that you wish you had written. There are actually two lines in this one that I love."I was lying on the grass on Sunday morning of last week indulging in my self defeat" and "and of course you can't become if you only say what you would have done" now these two lines are in the middle of a whole bunch of what the fuck stuff, but I love them anyway. Because how many times do we just sit around indulging in our failures instead of moving on? You all know how I feel about wallowing and guilt. And the line about about not becoming something if you only talk about it instead of doing it? Perfection really. I could probably spin a blog out of that....

Then I pulled in to our neighborhood and there is a Christmas tree on someone's back porch. I'm sure it is waiting to get tossed over for trash day on Friday but for now there is an old evergreen just hanging out on the porch. There is a story there somewhere. Or something like that. Trees in odd places? Old things waiting to be carted away? Dying on a back porch? Hmm...tuck that away for later.

Then in the garage and C+C Music Factory comes on. There are blogs in there. Looks and society. The woman in the video "singing" was not the woman who was singing. Freedom. What a name. The pressure to be named Freedom. Oh and sitting in your car listening to music that you own and can listen to anytime but you don't want to stop the song right then because if you do it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Gonna make you sweat till you bleed, is that dope enough? Indeed...

So what do I have to write about? Did I get anything good? Maybe the Len song. Maybe a fiction piece about whatever comes of the dead tree and maybe a piece on looks.

Or maybe a blog about what happens in your head when you are trying your hardest to find SOMETHING to write about.

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