Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here we go again...


Know what those two numbers are? I'll give you a hint.  Look to your right. I wrote 83 blogs in 2013. Not too terrible, until I look and see that I wrote 132 in 2012. And also not super great when I realized that there are 365 days in a year so I'm basically not even hitting 50% on a good year!

Well I have reasons. Lots of reasons. This year I wrote other things. Especially in November. And I also posted less political rants this year because I'm sort of disgusted by all of it. So when I redirected the fiction and cut out the rants I didn't have much of interest to say. But honestly I often don't have much of interest to say and yet I persist in saying it.

So, reasons then become excuses.

And the kicker is that I like to write. I enjoy making stuff up. I enjoy writing down the buzz that fills my head on a daily basis. And I like knowing that people are reading what I write. So then the excuses just seem stupid. Why am I not doing the things that I like to do? What is keeping me from doing it? One more game of Bejeweled? One more perusal of Facebook to see if anyone else has written something funny to read? And even on the days that I wrote elsewhere I still missed seeing something go up on the blog.

Isn't that an odd thing? I've had this blog for years and it only has a few hundred postings, but it's fairly important to me. It holds bits of fiction (some of the first I've written as an adult that I've been brave enough to share) and lots of ideas and even more ramblings. It's been the place I write out new goals and post about how I'm doing with them. And I get some feedback from the Facebook page I created to promote the blog and I keep plugging along. But then I have this balance thing that happens.

I like the feedback I get but I don't like to promote it too heavily. I love hearing from people. But I really want it to be people I know. And that's only because it seems like when strangers find their way here they are the people that just like to tell me what a moron I am and how angry they are that they wasted their time reading my blog. Which boggles my brain. I mean what deep insight were you expecting from a blog titled "Totally random but..." But then again I've actually "met" some very cool people who got to know me strictly through the blog so maybe there would be even more cool people just waiting to be met if I promoted it more heavily?

Okay so after all of that build up I just wanted to let you know January is a blog a day month. There will be fiction, new goals, ramblings and possibly some political and religious things as well. Even on days where I am doing my bulk of writing elsewhere, that story from November needs some rewrites and editing, I will make sure to pop something up here. And hopefully this will get me right back in the swing of posting more frequently this year. Hmm...seems like I need a goal number to shoot for, what do you think? What would be a good blog total to aim for in 2014? Realistic and yet challenging?

Happy New Year! Let's make 2014 the year we remember to do the things we ENJOY! Oh! That is totally going to be the subject of another blog this week!


  1. "I realized there are 365 in a year" - how are you so smart???? I never thought about this! wow
    Trolling aside, looking forward to your blogs in 2014 :)

  2. And sometimes...366. So it can get really confusing!