Saturday, January 25, 2014


"So if you could have a super power that made like your skin impervious to temperature change that would be cool."

And thus started our day at Wizard World Comic Con. These were the kids walking behind us as we made our way to the convention center. It was cold outside this morning and where other people might talk about coats, people on their way in to a con tend to have different conversations.

Going to one of these things has always been on my list of "things to do" but it's never happened. Last year we were going to go but I had company that weekend and though a couple would have been cool spending their visit at a con not everyone would. This year Brent sent me the information early with highlights of people that would be there that I would want to see. I looked in to tickets and the cost of meet and greets and said, yeah, no. Though I think meeting Norman Reedus (Daryl Mother Fucking Dixon!) would be cool. I'm not so keen on spending a few hundred dollars to make it happen. Even the platinum Shatner experience (which sounds sort of dirty) didn't really tempt me for long. I just can't think of anyone I would pay a few hundred dollars to shake their hand. I didn't even spend that much for the Gaiman thing I did this past summer. And that was Gaiman!

So then a couple weeks ago Brent brought it up again, "We are going to that right?" and I told him I had decided no, it was too expensive it would be too crowded, blah blah blah...And he said, "You've always wanted to do this. Pick a day and let's do it." Okay, so he's right. I have always wanted to do it. So I looked at schedules and picked Saturday. We could go, walk around and look at people and if we decided to stay maybe do the Adam West/Burt Ward panel. That might be pretty fun.

And it was.

Here are the lessons I learned from my day. I am a fan. Not a Fan. I am a geek. Not a Geek. Okay, this wasn't really a new lesson. It's something I know about myself. I like a lot of things but nothing super deeply. I don't immerse myself in to anything like that, where my knowledge is encyclopedic. Not my sports teams, not my fantasy book series, not my TV shows. I enjoy a lot of different things but I am and always will be a fan, not a Fan. And let me tell you there were people there that were FANS. Amazing. The costumes some people put together were incredible. Now I'm old and so I couldn't tell you who half of them were. We really think we needed C there to help us out. But still. Incredible costumes. I took a few pictures but usually only if someone else had stopped someone, if I stopped everyone I saw and asked it would have been nonstop.

Which of course made me wonder if you spend a lot of time putting together a costume and no one asks you to stop and take a picture are you insulted? I mean there were groups that stood together for ages so people could get shots. Oh how I loved the groups of friends who dressed up together! Seeing all of the Batman villains or all of the Power Rangers made a bigger statement than seeing Dr. Who walking around with Indiana Jones. Though I guess in a way that was kind of cool as well.

Speaking of costumes, Spider-Man should always wear underwear.  A free-balling Spidey is a bit much....Important lesson.

And along with the pictures of people in costumes they had the autograph booths set up for the sci-fi/fantasy/author/action hero/who is that? I have no idea people as well. Still no dice for me on getting an autograph. I'm not sure what I would do with it? Any way, we did walk around the booths and look to see who was there. And wonder how the stars felt when comparing their line to someone else. Like the aforementioned Norman Reedus.

That's a picture of people taking pictures of him taking pictures with other people! And right behind me, which I didn't take a picture of was Jon Bernthal's booth. Which had about 15 people in line. Jon played Shane on The Walking Dead. Now to be fair Norman might have had some Boondock Saints fans there filling out the line, but I would bet mostly TWD fans. How does that make Jon feel? They were both on the same show for goodness sake, now Norman is still there but still...I wondered.

We did two panels. The Adam West/Burt Ward one where I learned that Adam West is just as crazy as I always thought. And that Burt Ward is the soul of patience.

There was a lot of that. Burt looking on with a smile while Adam said or did something just well...batshit crazy. Oh yes, I totally went there! He's also still very much in the mode of he is Batman and Burt is Robin. If Burt was asked a question he would answer it then Adam would jump in with something to add because LOOK AT ME!! It was entertaining, but I'm not sure if it was entertaining in the way it was meant to be.

And then the highlight of the day, and it was really by accident that we got to do it. See they moved the Batman panel to right before another panel and since we were already in the room we could just stay. Not fight a crowd and a line, and oh boy was there a line because...well...
Stan Lee!

He is 91 years old. Does things his own damn way. Was late to the panel. Not as crazy as Adam West but about the same amount of ego, which is saying a lot. AND HOLY COW! STAN LEE! Okay, it was awesome. He might not have always stayed right on track with answering the questions he was asked but he had so many fun stories and just seemed to be having a great time. It was very cool. And did I mention, Stan Lee??

So would we do it again? Maybe. It was fun. It was crowded. It was expensive. It was crowded. Did I mention crowded? But it was cool. It was neat to see people who love something that much and were able to show it off a bit. And other than Vegas I think it was the only place I've ever been where I thought, Hmm...I might not be showing quite enough cleavage today.

Oh and I also got to show Brent who he beat out for my affections, the very first person I wanted to grow up to marry...and also possibly the reason why I found Spike's peroxide white hair so awesome...

Oh, still have it.

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