Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Too Soon...

I wrote my blog too soon yesterday. I was mad about what the president had been tweeting and the reactions to it from the Sunday talk shows and the Republican talking heads. It was frustrating me so much that they give him a pass so very often. Little did I know that he was going to have a "here hold my beer moment" soon after I finished writing.

That press conference...Wow.

Brent got the full blast last night with a lot of "AND THEN!" and "AND ANOTHER THING!" I am pretty unshockable at this point where Trump and what he will do is concerned.Or at least I always think I am. But I was shocked yesterday. He didn't even pretend to not show his throat. Body language, tone of voice and of course what he was saying. I guess it took two hours in private to fully measure their dicks but Putin's is much larger. Maybe with spikes. And Trump's testicles have crawled up into his throat.

Yes, it's all sexist language, and yes that's on purpose. The Republicans talk about how they want a REAL man leading, no more apologies (their word for diplomacy) and they like that he's a tough guy! Yay! Macho! Well, let's just say that if Trump met Trump he'd grab him, because yesterday he showed he was Putin's pussy.

And the crazy thing is they are going to let him do it...when you're Trump you can get away with it.

There were rumblings of "oh hell no" from the Republicans not running again. There was a this isn't good but don't mention the president by name from TurtleBoy. Even a few Fox News people not named Shep Sheppard were using words like "surreal." And then there was the interview with Hannity last night where they handled the real issues. Hillary's emails. And that the Mueller investigation is driving a wedge between Russia and the United States.

Umm...I don't know, but since we have proof enough to indict don't we want a wedge? Don't we want there to be a wide gap between the countries? The one run by Putin and the one that is supposed to be the leader of Western Democracy? Wouldn't a wedge be a good thing less than 4 months from our next election? Call me crazy...

I want people to understand things. I really do.

The Mueller investigation is not a witch hunt. The Russians really did interfere with our elections. And you can try to both sides it, whatabout it, or flat our decide it wouldn't have mattered in the end run, but it happened. Everytime Trump and his handler Hannity deny it, it makes him look more and more guilty. The whole don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining thing about trying to con someone has a counterpart. Don't stand in the rain and pretend it's a sunny day. You just look like a wet idiot.

Trump's other big reveal last night was that Manafort is like Al Capone. They couldn't bust Al Capone on his big crimes so they got him for tax evasion. But see, we all know Al Capone did much worse. We know he was a capital B Bad Guy. So his witch hunt analogy is now that they got Manafort for Witchcraft when they couldn't nail him for serial killer? Is that it? Just another hint for Trump, don't compare your compatriots to gangsters. It's not a good look.

We will see what the fallout from this will end up being. I'm not hopeful that it will be anything more than some defensive posturing and then some "I didn't say that" gaslighting. Business as usual from the White House.

Vote. Vote in November to change the power balance in Washington.
Vote. Vote in 2020 to try and stop the tilt before we all have to learn Russian.

Seriously, I'm having a hard enough time with Spanish and considering German. Russian is just too complicated. Especially the whole keep your mouth shut or die from poisoning...you know I'll never be able to get that down right.

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