Thursday, October 8, 2015


Driving home from the store looked up and there was a plane flying overhead.

Southwest Airlines. I can tell by the colors of the plane.

Which looked really pretty against the blue sky.

The orange made me think of fall. It fit with the trees.

I wondered who was on the flight.

Hoped that they were going someplace fun.

Though the odds are that some of them are traveling for work.

Either going to or coming from.

And some of them will be happy to be coming home. And some happy to be leaving.

Depends on what home is like, right?

And there is also a chance that somewhere on that plane is someone grieving.

A last minute ticket purchased to see a dying loved one.

Or to go to a funeral if they didn't know in time.


Or maybe hellos.

Maybe someone on the flight is on their way to see a brand new member of the family.

A bride.

A groom.

A baby.

Fresh beginnings and hellos to start.

Or maybe a big move. A family on their way to their new home.

Exciting new start in a new place.

Or maybe a big move back home. Done with wandering, now it's time to go where they have to take you back?

And then the plane was out of site and on its way to where ever it was heading.

Full of so many stories.

And this is why I write....

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