Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Summer jobs...

Kyle set down a round of drinks on the table, “Hey, Drew, I ran in to a former co-worker of yours.”

“Oh yeah? Who was it?”

“Shannon Eggleton. She said you two worked together like 15 years ago. Do you remember her? She wasn’t sure you would.”

“Hunh…yeah, I remember her. Where did you see her? Are you working with her now? How is she doing?”

Amanda leaned over and pushed Drew toward the better light, “Are you blushing?”


“Oh my god, you are. Look at Drew blush!” Amanda reached over and turned his face side to side showing it off to Kyle and Tina.

“Okay, then, we are going to say that you definitely remember her. No I’m not working with her right now. She was at that fundraiser I went to a few days ago. She is the VP of Investment Research at McCain and Partners. She was there representing their firm.”

“How did you figure out we worked together? I wasn’t at McCain. I was interning at Phillips and Sons when we worked together. She was one of the people I worked for that summer.”

“I was talking to Dale Roberts, his son is playing football for McKinley now and he was telling me that his kid was targeting some of your old records for motivation. She mentioned that she once worked with a guy who was some sort of big deal football player and we found out that it was you.”

Drew laughed, “Big deal football player. I think those were the first words she actually said to me when I started my internship. ‘I hear you are some sort of big deal football player. Tell me how that is going to help you in your internship with me.’ She called me bench boy as well.”

“Not that you remember much about her.” Amanda teased.

“Honestly, I had the biggest crush on her I think I ever had on anyone. I remember everything about her.”

“Wow. I don’t think we’ve ever heard a Drew unrequited crush story. You always seemed to get the girl. Do tell.” Tina took a sip of her drink and waved her hand, “Go on.”

“It’s not completely unrequited. Just mostly unrequited. And it’s probably not fit to tell in mixed company.”

“Oh come on! I told you the blow job story just last week!” Amanda whispered the words blow job so the whole bar didn’t stare.

“She’s got you there.” Kyle said, “Spill.”

“Okay, fine. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college. I got the job because Mr. Phillips was a friend of my dad and my dad wanted me to get some real world job experience instead of just football all the time. I wasn’t really interested because I was going to go pro and why would I need to actually apply my business degree on anything other than investing the millions I was going to be making on my sweet sweet NFL contracts.”

With that Amanda reach over and patted Drew’s knee, “He doesn’t mean to be sarcastic, buddy, he knows chicks dig scars.”

“Sure, we can laugh now, but I was dead serious then. I was going in to the NFL after I broke every college record I could. Big dreams. But for that summer I was going to work for Phillips and Sons. My first few days were spent meeting people who were fans either from my high school days or were following me at college. After that I was going to work for Shannon Eggleton and Dwight Howser. They were going to share me that summer. Each had projects for me to do but I would start with Dwight because Shannon was out of town researching a company Mr. Phillips was interested in. Dwight’s projects mostly consisted of making copies, running out to get him coffee and embarrassing me. He loved making me his errand boy. Would call me in to meetings just to introduce me, ‘You all know Drew Summers right? He’s starting next year for USC. Drew, be a good kid and get us more coffee, would you?’ He was a raging asshole. Loved making my life hell. But I was only there for a few months and my dad would have had my ass if I didn’t do my best. Mr. Phillips was a friend and was doing him a favor after all. So I got coffee and I made copies and I smiled through it all.

And then Shannon got back in the office. The first time I saw her I thought I had it made. She was a little older than I was, of course, but I was supremely confident. I had been charming the pants off of girls for as long as I could remember and I thought she would be an easy mark. Mid to late 20s. Hot as hell, I’m not going to lie, and lucky to meet me. I brought her in a cup of coffee and told her how glad I was to be working with her. She looked up at me, looked at the coffee and said, ‘I hear you are some sort of big deal football player, so let’s get this straight from the start. You don’t work with me, you work for me. I take my coffee with cream, and as far as I’m concerned you are a bench sitter not a starter. You have to earn that. Now sit down and start taking notes.’”

“Dayyyuum. She shut you right down. I think I would like her.”

“Seriously, Tina, not only would you like her but you like me more because of her. She shut my ego down hard all summer long. I was humbled. It was good for me. I mean I still tried over and over and over to charm her. I wanted her to like me so badly. I had the biggest crush and it was only getting worse. Every time I would try to hit on her she would roll her eyes, or laugh, one time she told me that I was Pop Warner and she was Hall of Fame so just to slow my roll.”

“That settles that,” Amanda said, “I will start calling you Pop Warner from here on out.”

“But her projects were real projects. She trusted me to actually do the work when she gave it to me. She listened to my ideas. She was a really great boss. Unlike Dwight. But I could put up with Dwight knowing that Shannon would have something more important for me to work on soon. She would shut him down just as quickly as she did a bad pass from me. If I was working on something for her and he wanted me to stop and run pick up his dry cleaning she wouldn’t hear of it. ‘You have to be fucking kidding me right? You want me to give up his work so you can get your cheap ass suit back?’ She was tough.”

“Okay, but this is pretty unrequited. I think you are getting work projects and reciprocated crush confused.”

“Hold your horses, Tina, I’m getting to it.”

“Then get to it!” Kyle motioned for another round of drinks.

“Okay, so the last project we did together was putting together a big presentation for a group Mr. Phillips was working with. He wanted to show them why buying out their competitor was a better idea than trying to beef up their own market segment. I had helped Shannon on it for hours and hours. Lots of late nights, lots of weekends. Lots of time one on one. And I tried everything. I was funny. I was helpful. I brought her coffee. I made sure she ate while we were there late. I asked about her life. I made small talk while we ate. And I got nowhere. At all. But I got all of that time with her and that was great. So finally it comes time for Mr. Phillips to present and he tells Shannon to take the lead and to bring me along to watch the meeting unfold. He figured it would be a good last item for my summer. It worked out that this would be the last time I would see Shannon before I left. She was getting on a plane after the presentation to meet with another company Mr. Phillips was considering buying and starting this process all over again. By the time she would get back from that trip I was going to be gone. The presentation is a smash. She has the whole room eating out of the palm of her hand. Just a force of nature. Answered every question without hesitation. Mr. Phillips looks over at me and gives me a wink and a thumbs up. He knows he is going to get what he wants out of this deal.

So after the meeting breaks up Mr. Phillips decides to buy us all a drink. I point out that I am underage so can’t really drink. He smiled and told me he’d put an extra one on the table for me to toast with and what happened to it after that he wouldn’t watch. So we all had a drink together. Shannon is getting ready to leave and heads to the restroom first. Mr. Phillips takes off and it’s just me left. I decided it was time to give it one more shot. I marched back to the restrooms and waited for her. When she came out I grabbed her and kissed her. ‘I have wanted to do that since I first saw you and I would have regretted it if I didn’t do it before I left.’ She just stared at me. Reached up and wiped the corner of her mouth with her thumb and then looked at it for a second. Then she says, ‘Do you know where the old golf course on 88 is?’ Ummm…yeah. Of course. She tells me to drive out there and to park on the old access road and to wait for her.”

“Holy shit, really?” Amanda leaned in and slapped the table.

“Yeah. So I drive out there and I am so jumpy I am not sure how I didn’t wreck. Shannon was going to meet me out here. Alone. Finally. I was imagining kissing her again. I park and wait. She pulled in behind me and gets out of her car. I get out of mine and start to walk toward her. She stops me. ‘Get in the passenger seat of your car, put the seat all the way back. First undo your pants though. Drop them for me. Then get in.’ I’m about to jump right out of my skin then. But I do what she asks. She reaches over and grabs her car door for balance and slides her panties off. Just steps out of them and tosses them in to her car. As she’s walking over toward me she is unbuttoning her blouse. I can see her bra and the tops of her breasts and they are gorgeous. It was like I had never seen a naked woman before. That sort of memory. She straddles over me, staying up on her knees above me and then grabs my face. ‘Don’t move and don’t cum. Can you do that for me?’ Just hearing her say that while I could feel the heat just radiating from between her legs it was almost too late but I agreed. So then she eases herself down on me. And I am rock hard at this point. Just about to burst and she does this thing with her hips where she is rolling and sliding getting herself positioned on me and then she stops, ‘Are you with me?’ I took a deep breath and thought about baseball and nodded yes. She reaches over and grabs my hands and puts them on her hips then she starts that rock and roll motion again. She’s holding on to my shoulders while she rides me. I have my hands on her hips and I can feel her move and her tits are just right there in front of me and then she reaches up and she grabs them and is working them while I watch and then I can feel her start to cum. Feel her tighten around me and I can see this flush spread across her chest and her breathing just stopped. Like everything she had was focused on nothing but cumming. I can feel every inch of her on my cock. Just pulling me tight in to her and pulsing around me. I cannot believe I’m holding it together because this is the hottest thing I have ever done. Then she stops, takes a deep breath and gets off me and steps out of the car. Just done. She smiled said thank you smoothed her skirt back down and started to walk away. So then I’m like hey wait a minute! What about me? And she turned back around and said, ‘You’ve got a hand don’t you?’ And she got in her car and left!”

“Dude!! So what did you do?”

“I jacked off and came so hard I bruised my knees on the dashboard.”

Amanda spit her drink out. “You did not!”

“I did. And I swear to god that to this day that is the sexual encounter I hold all others to. Even with her leaving me cold it was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Wow,” Tina said, “So that was it? That’s the last time you saw her?”

“No, I actually saw her one more time. When I was in the hospital after blowing my knee out she came to see me.”

“Really? Wow.”

“Yeah, totally unexpected. She said she had been traveling and heard about the hit. I was pretty messed up right then. Everything was gone. I knew it. The doctor had already told me about the surgeries they were going to have to do and that there was no way I would ever play again. I was feeling bitter about the world. I felt like a failure and a wash-up at 21. And in true Shannon fashion she called me out on my pity party. I told her that all I ever got was because of football. She smiled at me and asked, ‘Do you want to know why I finally said yes? It wasn’t because you were some sort of big deal football player. It was because you were smart. You were talented. You worked damn hard. You took every ounce of shit Dwight shoved at you and you just let it go. Never made a big deal out of it. Never pulled the my dad is friends with the boss card. You just worked. That is why you will always be a success. Football was just one ticket for you to punch. You have so many more things you are going to accomplish now. Don’t go back to being a bench boy. After all, Pop Warner, you took your shot at the Hall of Fame once, you might get there again.’ And then she kissed me and left. And that was the last time I saw her.”

“Not going to lie, that’s pretty damn hot.” Tina said.

“And she still remembered you. You’re both single right now. You should call her. See if there is still a spark there.” Kyle passed Drew a business card, “She gave me this last night, after hearing that I don’t think it was for me.”

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