Thursday, October 8, 2015

Practical Magic Notes (#4)

And that was the last piece that I wrote in Practical Magic before putting is aside for years.

So now what?

And I mean that in every sense of the question. Now what?

I've gotten a little feedback from a few of you and the general consensus seems to be that it's got the bones of a good story. So I wasn't wrong there. And that it's a little off center and unfocused. So I wasn't wrong there either. So do I go back and try and restructure what I have and see what happens? Do I just continue to write and see what happens?

Reading it and looking at the paucity of notes I made while I was writing it, I honestly am not sure what happens next.  I mean, I have a general feel for where I am headed. But I don't really know how I was planning on getting there. We're in the woods here, people, and I don't have a path. 

So if I do keep writing it, and I think that I will, what happens next there?

Do you want to brain dump writing that I will be doing or do you want to hold off for a month or so and see what happens if I force choke the words out to finish it? 

How unpolished are you willing to go? I mean, I know that almost everything of mine that you read is unpolished, but this is a little different since it's a continuing story. There might be plot holes (more plot holes) and twists that aren't planned twists but more like double backs when I realize that what I wrote yesterday doesn't work with where we are headed today. You can get them all. Or you can wait and get a block again when I finish.

What do you think?

And thank you again for reading this long piece and giving me the feedback you have. I really do appreciate it all. 

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