Wednesday, July 15, 2015

And Go....

I have fifteen minutes to fill before I leave for the airport to pick up Brent. Not enough time to really get in to anything. Maybe part of a chapter in the book I am reading but that doesn't sound appetizing, which should tell you what I think of the book so far...there are flashes in there, something that could go well, or it could go badly and make me frustrated that a good idea was squandered...but so far it's almost a chore to read more. Not a good sign.

I could watch part of an episode of a TV show. But I just binged on Empire over the last few days and finished the season finale an hour ago. Letting that dose of cotton candy settle. It's just such a pure soap. So much drama in one family. I love it more than I should I am sure...nursing a crush on Jussie Smollet right now. I already had one brewing from his guest appearances on The Chew but after watching Empire? Oh my goodness...Jamal broke my heart. So good. (I checked his age, he's in his 30s it's not creepy, and yes I know he's gay. I'm a theater kid who grew up in the 80s you think this is the first gay man I've had a crush on? Child, please.)

I could look at my clothes and try and figure out what I am packing to take to Albuquerque again. But so far all I know is what I'm not taking. I hate packing to travel. I hate trying to decide what is appropriate for what crowd. I hate worrying about things that I shouldn't have to worry about but I do so thinking that I shouldn't doesn't matter...yes I know you think that doesn't make sense, but it totally does so there.

I could try and knock out a fiction piece but in fifteen minutes all I could manage would be a poem. Maybe a couple of haiku or an American sentence but only if I had a subject in mind and right now I don't.

So what I settled on was a fifteen minute brain dump blog. (we are 5 minutes in and I am running out of steam so this might not have been a great idea)

Not sure I will write tomorrow, cleaning and that packing that will have to be done then. Won't write over the weekend while we are away so it will be Wednesday before I start again. Then I will have like 12 blogs or so to do by the end of July to catch up to where I should be to keep on goal. Eek. I really do need to get more disciplined about the blog.

One of these days I will remember who I am and stop trying to make myself disciplined. Or I will accept that I can meet a goal, but not in a steady manner. It's all fits and starts. But why start now, right? I mean if I don't know me by now I will never ever ever know me...ooooh....

Okay, yeah, you caught me, I'm singing to fill time.

And that's close enough. I used up 10 minutes and by the time I get my shoes on and out the door it will be about right. I will grab that book to bring along just in case Google was way wrong on how long it was going to take and I will power through some more of that...let's see if it gets better.

Thanks for stalling with me. You're the best!

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