Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You know?

Growing up in New Mexico we add no to the end of a sentence to make it understood you have options or that we are looking for your agreement.

Did you want to go to the store or no?
He looks all sad no?

The all is also a New Mexico thing. We use all instead of very. All sad, all bad, all sick (which means really good). Just turns of phrase that are local and still used.

Some expressions come in for awhile and then fade out. Trendy. Wazzup? Face! Cherry! Pick any that you can remember. I'm sure they are all the bomb dot com...

Then there are the ones that stick with you. I know, right? We said this one growing up and it made a resurgence a few years ago. I've used it for a long time, not sure that I ever let it go the first time. It's very handy. Less formal than I agree with the point you are making. And also a little more excited. I know, right?!?


This one is fun but I don't see it lasting. But it has just a touch of snark, a bit of fuck you, and a dash of whimsy. I like it.

But the one that I am really enamored with right now is I can't even. There are the variations I just can't. I can't. But I can't even is the one I love. It's just the perfect phrase for exasperation.

The kids waited until bedtime to tell me they needed a costume for their book report tomorrow. I can't even...

See? You can fill in whatever else you want to that. I can't even believe that they are that forgetful. I can't even understand why sending them out on a ice floe is illegal. I can't even muster up the energy to finish this sentence.

My general moment with I can't even is when I'm reading something that defies logic and common sense. Junk science. Conspiracy theories. Generally I can't even with those things because I know that it's a waste of time. If someone believes the junk science I am not going to be able to convince them they are wrong. They will have links to articles quoting their junk science as facts that will show that it's all a big conspiracy because of reasons...Junk science reasons...I can't even...

Bigotry is another one that will eventually lead me to an I can't even...

You hate someone because they are different than you? That's the whole reason? You believe that someone deserves fewer rights than you do because they are different than you? You cannot treat someone with basic courtesy? And you feel justified in that? Even proud? While you arm yourself in ignorance?

I can't even...

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