Thursday, June 4, 2015

You just have to laugh...

Okay, this isn't really a great real blog, but I'm a little off balance right now so it's all I have.

The blog I wrote yesterday has been shared and seen by more people than any other piece I've ever written. Ever.

I told my friend Corrie that if I had known that would happen I would have taken more time with it!

According to Facebook the link reached almost 600 people and I had over 100 unique page views just yesterday. One hundred new eyeballs (200?) on my stuff...I know it's not a lot in the realm of big time writers but for me it's pretty amazing.

But then to balance out that feeling of "wow...what I have to say moved people" I have this.

A family member sent out a mass email to people about something going on in their life. They asked for feedback. I made the mistake of giving it. Even knowing that in the past this person has never really wanted help, they just wanted to...hell I have no idea what they want. But I still thought to myself, they took the time to write out this massive missive and send it out the least I can do is take it seriously and answer it.

Huge mistake. They came back at me guns a blazin' and that is the end of that relationship such that it was.

So friends and some strangers read my opinion and thought, this is valid and someone in my family read my opinion and thought you are full of shit.

Ah life, it's good to have balance!

I am amused and bemused.

And tomorrow I will write something with more substance.


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