Saturday, March 28, 2015

The faster I run the behinder I get...

Okay so I was keeping a steady pace on goals for the year. Steady meaning I was consistent in how far I was falling behind. This month I hit a record of behindness. I'm way off count for blogs and off for books as well and you all know I dropped the weight goal all together.

March needs a do-over.


I'm getting ready to go on a mini-vacation and won't be back until April so this is the last blog for the month. It will make 8. Four fiction and four non-fiction so at least there was balance? Any way...I need to catch up. Now I am 13 behind, so 13 plus the 15 I should be writing a month and that makes 28 for April to get back on pace...and books I would need to pick up the 7 plus the three I am behind so 10 books. So can I read 10 books and write 28 blogs in one month? I'm going to guess no...thank goodness I still have the bulk of the year left!

I STILL need to write about our trip to New Orleans last fall. I finally figured out why I haven't. I got accused of doing a "humble brag" about it when we got back. And that really bothered me. For one, I don't view me sharing trips I take or places I go as bragging. They are just the things I am doing. Just like I am not bragging when I burn breakfast, or lose my temper at the gas station, or get lost in my own neighborhood and share those things. They are just the things I am doing.

And it bugs me because I hate the term. Humble brag. Nonsense. If I am bragging about something it's because I am proud. Those of you that were around when C was growing up know that. I bragged on my kid all the damn time. Concerts, awards, general all around awesomeness. I am super proud of him so I brag. Nothing humble there.

When I fuck up and need to ask for forgiveness. When I am SURE I'm right about something and get proved wrong? Those are the times I get humbled. That's what humble means.

Just because people want to put it with brag and make it mean something else doesn't make it so.

It's like when people win an award or get honored in some other way and say, "I'm humbled to..." NO! You are proud. You are grateful. You are any number of things but you are not humbled. If you thought you were going to win, KNEW you were going to win and that person you thought was beneath you won? Then your ass would be humbled. Use it right.

So the term bugs me because it's one of the nonsense terms. But it also bugs me because it seems a really passive aggressive way of trying to put someone in their place. What ever place you think that is. We are traveling a lot more than we used to. We are going and doing a lot of really cool things now. But I don't think that makes me any better than when we first were married and were facing a lot more month at the end of our money. And I especially don't feel like the things we can afford to do now put me ahead of anyone else because it's all Brent. He worked and works really hard for what he makes. I support him in that and know full well how lucky I am that I get to futz around with my life pursuing fun things like writing and traveling.

So the brag is only that I'm really proud of him for what he does and how much he has accomplished in his career.

And the only humble is when I still get lost in my own neighborhood...

So now that I've figured it out I should be free to write about how great New Orleans was, and to share Hawaiian whirlwind adventures as well.

And if you think I am doing the humble brag? Then you can passively aggressively show yourself out.

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