Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quick dash of politics...

So this morning I posted a Rock the Vote video to my timeline. In the video they have people talking about why they are voting, what their issue is. I liked the idea of it. I think we are horrible voters in this country. We don't do it in large enough numbers and we are rarely actually informed about who and why we vote the way we do. Just a hint, picking a party and voting for all of them is fucking ridiculous. And truth be told I would rather you stay home and don't vote if you can't be bothered to actually do a bit of research as to why you are voting the way you are.

Anyway...I got a notification of a like and when I clicked to see I was taken to the original posting of the video and got to see a half dozen comments about it. Basically what it boiled down to was the video was too liberal. The people stating their reasons were Hollywood types, and you know how those conservatives hate celebrities, why I believe it was Ronald Reagan who once said...."Ted Nugent, my boy, what can we do about all of these actors and singers saying political things? Maybe we should call Clint Eastwood and get his opinion."


So all of the things these celebrities were turning out to vote for were liberal issues, not conservative. Like women's rights and deforestation and education reform and prison reform and...wait? Why are those things liberal issues? That's just stupid. It's like back in the days of Bush the younger where the conservative party decided they were the party of family values and people just let them get away with it. What? Like liberals don't care about their families? Are you now trying to tell me that conservatives don't care about education? Because I'm pretty sure the majority of the people I have seen not happy about common core have been a little more to the right. That's education reform.

And guess what? Turning out because gun control is your issue doesn't mean you are left or right. You can be for MORE gun control or LESS gun control. Whichever way you go, it's your issue. Find the candidate that agrees with you and look at what else they agree with and then decide if that's who you are voting for.

GMOs are on our ballot this year. I will be voting on GMO issues. I have a strong opinion about them so I will vote. But just by my stating that you don't know which way I will be voting. Just that I will. (yes, I know those of you that know me know exactly how I will be voting, but that's beside the point!) There are ballot measures, candidates, issues, potential laws so many things that need decided. It's not a liberal issue or a conservative one to say look at your issues and then vote! Sheesh...but if you insist on viewing a video and deciding you don't like it because it is encouraging a lot of liberals to go out and vote this fall my suggestion to you is to make that point when you repost it and encourage your conservative friends to educate themselves on the issues and vote as well.

Educate yourself.
Get yourself armed with information.

Then rock that vote!

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