Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm making a face that would be the title of this blog if I only knew what to call it...

August is two days away. I wanted to do some sort of goal-a-palooza for August. But I have no idea what to do. I've been puzzling on it for a few weeks. Right now I just feel like a 10 year old with a room full of books, a bike in the garage and $20 in pocket money..."I'm booooreeed...I have nothing to do...."

What about the books? I've read them...
What about the bike? It's hot outside...
What about the money? There's nothing new to buy....

Yes, I really do have conversations in my head like this.
But it's more:
What about the books? I'm not sure what to read next.
What about the Book? I'm not sure what to write next.
What about the blog? I don't have any ideas.
What about the gym? enh...I went already
What about a hike? I don't want to go by myself.
What about getting a job? Hahahahhahaa!!!
What about....

And by this time I've flopped on the couch and am CLEARLY ignoring myself so why even bother...

Things that I could be doing:
Writing (always)
Home improvement things (still debating what needs done but it is more important to Brent to do them than it is to me to not do them so as is the rule in our house we will do them)
Normal chore type things
Meal planning
Wandering around someplace, the mall? a bookstore? downtown?
Getting a pedicure (now this one sounds promising)
Planning a list of things to do in August to have NEW GOALS! (umm and here we are again)

Hmmm...I guess I'm still puzzling it out. Doesn't bode well for August being a goal heavy month but that's okay, there is always September.

And Oooh! I just got notice from the library that The Stand is available. Now at least I know what to read (re-read?) next...Mr. Flagg, I've missed your diabolical ways...

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