Saturday, September 1, 2012


Trying to figure out what I should write about. I was super slack last month on blog posting. And right now I have two posts sort of warring half formed in my head. One on how the start (I say start so you know how it's actually gone) of Facebook phase out went. And the other on my impressions on the Republican National Convention. Then there is a feeling that I really want to write some short fiction for the blog but I am tapped, tapped I say. No ideas, no dialog, no funny situation...nothing is there. This is worse than writer's block, this is writer's... umm...yeah, see? I have no pithy phrase for it, that's how bad it is!

So I guess for today this is all you get. I would say it's a post about ennui...but I'm not really uninterested. I'm just stuck...

I will keep thinking about what I want to write and hopefully have a flurry of posts for you over the next day or two.

And I will totally count this as a September post at the end of the month.


  1. Been there. Done that. Many times. Now I have too many ideas and my ADOS is in overdrive so I am having a hard time focusing on one project. Even your poor muse needs a vacation now and again.

  2. I think every blogger has been there a time or two. The good news is there are many resources for you out there. If you have no idea what to write, you are welcome to enjoy my Free, 30-Minute Content-Writing Huddle. Its simple, you just go to my site and fill out the form.

    Either way, good luck with your blogging! There is so much to write about and share with the world and only one perspective like yours to share it in your special way.