Saturday, June 30, 2012

And done....

Well there you have it, the end of June is here and so the Blog a Day in June (that would have been better in May wouldn't it?) is over.

Not too terrible really. There were maybe three blogs that were "OH no! I've got to get something up!" blogs and the rest actually were real and true bloggy blogs.

A few things I learned:

I have discovered that I need to go back and update my past blogs with labels. As I am writing and I want to link to a past blog I have to really think hard about what time of year I wrote it and what I might have titled it. Now I could solve this by using more descriptive titles that match what I am actually writing about, but that wouldn't amuse me as much so that's not going to happen. So I need to get better about using the labels. And also going back to the beginning of my blogs and adding labels to those.

I am still really bad about adding the extra space at the end of the sentence. Years and years of typing with the double space is extremely hard to break. I go back in and take them out when I notice but I don't always notice. And this sort of makes me feel old. Because it used to be a "thing" and now it's just a sign that you learned to type when it was a "thing" and now it's not.

I prefer to write free flow. Even with fiction. That's not something I just learned, I've always known it, but I reinforced it this month. I tried a few times to make an outline for future blogs or fiction pieces and they would stump me. I would get partway down the list and nothing. Any idea that had been in my head was now gone. But if I took the same ideas and just starting writing then they would word vomit out of me. This is a real challenge for me when I am writing longer pieces. Sometimes you just NEED that outline to keep you on track. I am experimenting with a hybrid outline word vomit formula right now. Just putting ideas in as place holders without the formal feel to it. We will see how that works.

I really like feedback on what I write. I know you write because you have to, and I have plenty of stuff that doesn't see the light of day because I just wanted it out of my head for the time being. But it pleases me when I know that people actually read what I've written. Even if the feedback is just, "hey, I read that and you are full of shit" at least I know someone read it! it's June 30th and the last day of the month I know I am owed one more fiction piece from My Caffeine Fueled Muse so I consider that the reward to the end of my challenge.

What's next, happy campers? What should we do for July?

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