Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hmm....I got nothing...

Yep, complete and total writer's block tonight.

Not sure what to fill the space with. I still have the list of ideas from earlier however I have no other ideas to fill in those topics with. So instead I think I will just talk about my day today. So be prepared for even more random than usual. :-)

This morning I slept in. For me that means 7 AM. I know...hold me back...I am a wild woman! I actually really like weekend mornings because I don't have to rush out of bed. During the week the heater clicks on and wakes me up at 5:15, the alarm goes off at 5:30 and we are off and running. So sleeping in a little and then just lazing in bed watching the morning news is a nice treat.

I had a client at 10 AM and Christopher was sick yesterday so we decided to stick around home this morning. Normally on a Saturday we get up and run to Target for weekly shopping. I am not a fan of crowds of shoppers so Target at 8 AM on a Saturday is about perfect for me. But today we ate breakfast at home, Brent cleaned the kitchen and I got ready for my client. So a nice easy pace to the morning.

My 10 AM client got here, we had a really good session, I am pleased with the progress we are making and more importantly so is she. I am really lucky that most of my clients are friends as well so I get to spend an hour doing work I enjoy and also enjoying the company of a friend. It's a double treat.

Work makes me hungry so as soon as my client left the boys and I headed out to grab some lunch and run a few errands. Saturdays are errand days. I already mentioned Target but there is usually an odd collection of others in there as well. Today was picking up a wall mount for the TV in the bedroom and a PS3 Christopher won off of a bet with his dad. The wall mount was easy to find, the PS3 not so much. We will have to keep looking or order online. A quick set of trips to the Vitamin Shoppe, Men's Warehouse and Starbucks and we were back home.

Sounds fairly dull doesn't it? But this is the stuff of day to day life. And I wouldn't want to change it for anything. I like my routines. I like running around on Saturdays with the boys. I like that even though every week is similar it's never the same. I like that we have family jokes that only take one or two words for us to laugh at and knowing that they started on a typical normal day like today. And right now I am soaking it all up knowing that we are coming to the end of this chapter of our lives. Christopher will be leaving next year for college and things will change and shift. New routines will be started for all of us, change is coming. But I also know that he will remember these dull days as well...and I know that someday he will have these sorts of routines with his family. And I hope that he enjoys them as much as I do.

Hmm...maybe I had something after all....

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