Thursday, June 1, 2017

Maniacal Writing...

So I've talked before about working with Dana to get me writing again. And for the most part it's worked. I HATE having a goal or a deadline hanging out there that I'm not meeting, even if it's just a made up, no consequences thing. I'm what you call goal oriented...

Except when I'm not. Like all of last year.

But anyway...

For the most part if you hold out a shiny star I am going to reach for it. 

But now I need more stars. Not like I'm a junkie and looking for a star fix, but I need to push myself a little harder. I've gotten comfortable in this groove. Even when I've had writers block up until Friday at noon I've been able to pull something out to send. Not always good things, but something.

But that sort of lurching from deadline to deadline writing isn't good either.

I need to get back to writing daily. Sitting down and writing SOMETHING every day. Fiction or non-fiction. But something. It's my go to trick for blowing out the cobwebs.

So I was considering doing a blog a day thing again. But we are out of town one weekend this month so that doesn't work. Except wait, we aren't really out of town the whole weekend. We are leaving Saturday and getting back Sunday so I could technically do it. Get up early Saturday and write before we leave and write as soon as we get back Sunday. Hmmm... sounds doable.

Except I'm sort of manic right now so doable in a manic stage is not always doable a few days later. Or at least not nearly as attractive. It's like deciding to do 250 squats when you are feeling invincible and waking up two days later to thinking...what the hell did I say I would do??

But since I'm sort of manic right now I'm pretty sure I'm brilliant and shiny and strong and just this side of Wonder Woman so I'm going to to ahead and commit to it.

BOOM! Blog a day! You heard it (read it) here first!

And yes, this stream of consciousness gobbledygook totally counts as the June 1 blog. 

Though I'm hoping for a little more inspiration to post something else here today as well. 

I did write a short piece to send to Dana tomorrow, but am also hoping for a little more on that front. A hundred tabs of half finished work open...

Did I mention I'm slightly manic right now? 

Yeah....just slightly. 

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