Thursday, May 18, 2017

Crazy world...

Ahh!! Now that I've set a goal for blog posts for the year I am already behind! But it's crazy right now.

I mean the world is crazy.

How do you even encapsulate our current political situation in a blog? In the past two weeks (maybe less actually, there is so much it's hard to keep up) there have been firings, accusations, memos, hiring, secrets shared, secrets denied, then admitted to but totally justified, a press secretary hiding in the bushes which then had to be corrected to hiding AMONG the bushes, Roger Ailes died, I am sure someone somewhere is working really hard to tie that to the Clintons as we speak...*gasp*

It's crazy.

Now I have to be honest. I still don't think we are going to see an impeachment out of this. I could be wrong, I've been wrong about everything where Trump is concerned, but I think unless and until Congress switches from a Republican to a Democrat majority he will skate on by. There is also the possibility that he didn't do anything wrong. It really could be true. But he's so bad at not being the center of attention that he just makes it LOOK like he's done something horrible. I really don't know. At least now with the special counsel we might actually find out what happened. Wouldn't that be a treat?

Though, come on, we all know that won't matter either. Look at the sheer number of Benghazi hearings. And the email investigation. And there are still people chanting lock her up. This is going to go the same way. If Mueller doesn't find anything untoward the Right will say, SEE?? and the Left will trot out the conspiracy theories. If Mueller finds something the Left will say SEE?? and the Right will trot out the conspiracy theories. It's the way it goes now. Though with the Right we will know that the conspiracy starts with the Clintons so we've got a head start on that one.

And I honestly don't know how we get out of this sort of cycle. The 60s were like this right? The Right and the Left just couldn't see eye to eye at all. But then it sort of quieted down. I know for a long time in my life being able to work across the aisle was seen as a good thing. Bipartisan was a good thing for a bill to be not a bad one. Compromise was what you aimed for. That's not the way it works anymore. Now if you give in you are a traitor. If you budge you have failed the Resistance.

Glenn Beck apologized for his part in creating this rift. Did you see that? He went on shows and said how sorry he was. How he realized he helped create this great divide that got Trump elected and got all of us to hate all of them. And then this week he hired Bill O'Reilly. Hunh. Well I see how you are sorry...

The world keeps spinning.

And because of this my phone is constantly buzzing with breaking news. I'm a little worried every morning to see what has happened over night. Is it just a twitter bomb or did he actually drop a real one? Are we another second closer to midnight?

And with all of that we keep going.

And I keep checking off blogs closer to my goal. This counts.

But what I really want to do is have a break. Have the president act presidential. Have the investigations be completed and let us know what happened and who was shady. And, again, come one, we all know Flynn was shady as fuck. But let's take care of it. Let's move on. Let's try and be good people who want the best for each other. I want so badly to feel good about the majority of us again. I'm an optimist at heart. I'm a joyful, happy person at my core. But, damn, the world has been harshing my gig lately.

If he was wrong I want people to be ready to accept it.
If he wasn't I want the strength of character to accept it.
But mostly I just want it all sorted out.

It doesn't seem like too much to want.

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