Friday, January 27, 2017

Shout it out loud!

"I'm losing my voice for no apparent reason."

That was the status update. Now a few months ago the responses to that post would have been along the lines of oh no, take care of yourself, drink tea and honey, watch for blah blah blah...Today? There were a lot of political leaning posts about losing your voice. Feeling like you aren't being heard. Realizing that maybe you didn't have as strong of a voice as you thought all along. When Trump was elected I made the "joke" about at least I had experience screaming in to the abyss and I did a call back to that post.

Because sometimes that's what it feels like. Just screaming in to nothingness. Trying to get someone to hear you. Just to listen to understand what you are saying instead of listening to respond. Listening to reach a common space instead of listening for a pause so they can talk now. It's frustrating.

Yesterday I went on a bit of a tear. I had reached my maximum nonsense level and responded to people, called them out on things that didn't make sense. Tried to make them question what they were saying. Of course they were trying to do the same to me and I did not walk away from those conversations nodding that "But Hillary" is actually a really good reason to ignore what Trump is doing so I am sure I made no difference for them either.

And it does amaze me how things flip. For 8 years those same people have insisted that pointing out things that Bush did had no bearing on a discussion about things that Bush did. We were all supposed to assume that the day Obama took office there was no war in Afghanistan. No war in Iraq. The economy was fine. The housing market stable. After all each president starts with a totally clean slate right? When it was pointed out that there were actual things that needed dealt with right away, things that started with Bush, or earlier (though for some reason they were cool with the things that could be traced to B. Clinton) you were told, "Bush isn't president! Stop blaming Bush!" But now...well now we are supposed to sit back and understand that anything that Trump does is okay because H. Clinton would have done worse.

Think on that. Obama has to take full responsibility for things that a man who was president actually did while Trump gets a pass because of things you imagine a woman who isn't/wasn't president might have done.

But Hillary...

I'm also having to laugh at the group that has been decrying "all of this political correctness that is RUINING  America!" who have now all of a sudden decided that they are SHOCKED and APPALLED at pink pussy hats. And CANNOT believe the coarseness of language that is being used! Okay, one, the pink pussy hats are literally cat ears. They are a play on words, yes, but it's a play on the words that the man you voted for said. You are more offended by women wearing hats than you are a man saying he can just grab a woman's genitalia and get away with it. Let that sink in for a second. And the language you are so worried about? Just think of it as locker room talk and let it wash right past you.

I get it, there is a both sides do it argument. Everyone is an asshole. But dammit, own that shit. I am so tired of the self righteous stance of each side pretending that their own shit doesn't stink. That somehow political dissension for the last 8 years (solid, there was no give him a chance period) was somehow patriotic and now it's just childish and a crybaby response to not winning an election. Are you fucking kidding me?

And we went through it with Bush the younger. The forced patriotism. The you are either with us or with the terrorists. And it's worse this time. And it's only been a week.

Give him a chance.
Wait and see what he does.
It won't be that bad, we made it through Obama you'll make it through Trump.

And you know what? I might just make it through Trump with nothing directly affecting me. I don't need to worry about unplanned pregnancies. Brent has a good job with good health insurance. My marriage is 30 years old and based on a long standing right. But it's not about me directly. It's about my friends who can already be denied housing in certain states because they are gay. It's about them watching a man take a position in the highest law enforcement agency in the land who co-sponsored a bill allowing people to discriminate against other tax paying Americans based on their personal religious beliefs. It's about families being torn apart. It's about people being deported to countries they haven't lived in since they were toddlers.

And let's look at that one for a quick second. There is right now a march going on in DC that is a right to life march. One of the tenants of the anti-abortion movement is that you cannot punish a child for the decision of a parent. Right? That's the argument against having an abortion in the case of rape or incest. I grew up with this, I've written about it, don't think for a second a true right to lifer believes in exceptions for rape and incest. Anyway...the argument is that no matter how violently that life was created it was created and so must be honored as such. You cannot punish the child for the sins of the father. Although...unless...except...for children who were brought to the US by their parents because they wanted a better life for them. They are here illegally and the Dreamers act must be repealed and those, now adults, need to be sent back to places they don't remember and didn't have a choice on leaving or staying.

And that wall? All of a sudden the $15 billion to build a wall is cool. After 8 YEARS of stupid memes about money being spent here or there instead of to house the homeless and take care of veterans. Okay. Where is your meme now? $15 billion is a lot of money to help veterans. Don't you care anymore about that being where all of our money should be spent? I mean, a wall is nice and all, gives you someplace to hang your art, though Trump is dismantling the arts programs as well so maybe not...

Conservatives were worried that Obama was going to come for their guns and their ammo (going on a buying spree which caused a shortage of ammo which made them all yell "See!! There is already a shortage of ammo!!") when he never said that he would. I am concerned about a man in office who has said he will do things like ban Muslims, build walls (even though the majority of illegal immigration comes from Asia and it's people overstaying VISAs but whatever right?), who put a VP in place who believes that women do not have a right to choose their own healthcare and the government should read a bible to decide who gets to be married. A president whose right hand man is an alt-right mouth piece. A president who will not release his tax returns and has convinced you that it's no big deal that he owns property, owes money, has ties to foreign countries that we can't see because he won't release his tax returns. You were worried about a manufactured birth certificate scandal that was pushed along by the current president and are mad at me for questioning the legitimacy of this president because Russia actually helped him take office. You are concerned about a massive voter fraud operation which has been investigated numerous times and found to not exist and I am worried about gerrymandered districts that are being ruled unconstitutional by the courts.

You were worried about whispers in the dark and I am worried about speeches made in public.

Sure, both sides do it.

Sure, it's never any different.

Sure, I should just hush up and deal with it.


That's going to happen.


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