Tuesday, August 4, 2015

All at once...

This morning as I was on the treadmill at the gym I noticed my heart beating really strong. Just thumping along as I did my workout. But then as soon as I noticed that it was beating harder my lungs were all like, "Hey! Hellllooo! We are really working here too! Did you not notice how hard you were breathing?" So then I started to pay attention to that and not my heart beat. Then my legs were in on the action, "Hey! Dipshit, if it weren't for us you wouldn't be moving at all. Stop paying attention to the glory hogs up there and look at the work horses actually doing the job." So then I was like right leg...left leg...forward...back....lift lower and stopped paying attention the my breathing. And then my stomach was like, "HEY! Talk about glory hogs! If it weren't for us here in the ab muscle department you wouldn't be able to stay upright!" and my back was having none of that, "Oh no you don't! We work just as hard to keep her upright! You can't take all the notice!" So then I was like...Oh right..upright...abs engaged, back strong...and then my boobs were like, "Look at us! We..." and the rest of my body all screamed, "SHUT UP! You always do this, come in and demand the attention! There are so many more important things!" And then I fell off the treadmill and lay dying on the floor because I was no longer pumping any blood, or breathing any air, or able to stand upright let alone walk because how could I if I was only paying attention to one thing?

The part of your brain that you don't even pay attention to is capable of paying attention to multiple things at once. Keeping your body moving. Functioning. Changing through the day. Workouts to meals to typing on the computer and for a lucky few to sleep. It's amazing. All day long. Just whizzing along paying attention to everything. Sometimes one thing more than another. Twist your knee? Guarantee right then you are going to pay more attention to it than you are your breathing but the amazing thing is you won't stop breathing because it will still be there in the background, just as important as it ever was, just not what you are focusing on right that second.

Aren't you glad your brain doesn't function like social media?

I am so over being told what I should and should not care about. What is important and what isn't. It is the exact same thing as the PC police. The outrage stirrers. The insulted masses. Just because at this moment I care about one thing does not make other things not important. Just because my issue is what I am talking about doesn't mean you don't get to care about your own issues. Just because I care deeply about something doesn't mean you have to.

When I care about trophy hunting it has zero things to do with how much I care about veterans.

When I care about Sandra Bland it has zero things to do with how much I care about the war against ISIS.

And the even trickier ones for people to imagine. When I care about a police officer who was shot down in the line of duty that has nothing to do with the fact that I also care about a person who was wrongly shot down by a bad cop. Tough one right? You can in fact care about the police as a whole. Think as a whole that they are good people doing a really hard job AND AT THE EXACT SAME TIME want bad cops to be prosecuted and taken off the streets. I would argue that because I have respect for most officers I want the bad ones taken out of the service even more.

Don't tell me what I should care about or not care about. Don't tell me that because I think a trans* person is brave for standing up and telling their story I somehow don't think a firefighter rushing in to a burning building is also brave.

And being outraged over what someone else is outraged about doesn't make you better than them. It makes you worse. Because at least they are outraged over an actual issue that is important to them, you? You are mad that they dare have feelings.

So unless you cannot breathe and pump blood at the same time don't think I can't care about more than one issue at a time.

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