Sunday, June 28, 2015


Sultry days fragrant with the blossoms of summer flowers
Bees buzz lazily romancing the blossoms
Slow trickle of moisture running down a tall glass of tea
Eyes slowly closing dreaming of the ocean

Hot, sticky day, lilacs causing itchy eyes and runny noses
Stinging bugs making a feast out of sweat slicked skin
Condensation leaving pools of mess everywhere you rest
Wishing you were at the beach, any beach

Kids playing games of hopscotch, basketball..
Water balloon fights and running through the sprinklers
Hearing the distant sounds of a musical tune
Ice cream! It's the Ice Cream Truck!

Chalk powder everywhere, skinned knees
Mud and water tracked over the freshly cleaned floors
What now? Oh it's almost dinner time...
Why does he always drive by at 6?

Summertime and the living's easy...

When is the first day of school again?

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