Saturday, May 2, 2015


I was totally going to "Blog a Day in May!" and then never got around to writing yesterday! Way to start it off with a bang! So "Blog All But a Day in May!" How is that? :-) Though tomorrow I have a movie in the morning and a hockey game in the afternoon so I'm not sure I will get a blog in there as well. "Blog All But Two Days in May!" Yeah...maybe not.

Can you tell I'm trying to get back on pace? I figure if I am on track by the mid point of the year then I will be feeling pretty good. So two months to play some catch up for the first half of the year and if I can get a little ahead for the second that would be great too.

Looking at May and deciding what to do with the month. I want to finish sorting things out in the house. I think we are back toward leaning to selling earlier rather than later. I know, I know, we just got the floors done and replaced the dishwasher, but the outdoor space we can never change and they are adding another HUGE subdivision near our neighborhood which is about to make traffic a nightmare. That and I can't get Brent to stop looking at new houses so we know what he wants to do, right? I'm looking at the house sorting as a possible pre-move sort. And I think I will end up painting the living room soon. If we do put the house on the market the dark gray walls will have to go, and the good enough patch I did when we took down the shelves will have to be made better.

Brent has two work trips and we are going to California for a wedding at the end of the month as well. So May will tick right along. We are trying to figure out when we are going to see C next. Right now it might be as late as 4th of July. It's really kind of funny, we are planning on going back to New Mexico this summer, we haven't been since my dad died and my mom doesn't travel anymore so we need to go see her instead of her coming here. But it's been a few years. And that's pretty normal. Brent's mom comes up here once a year or so, but we can go years in between me seeing my side of the family. But the fact that it's been 5 months since I saw C? Crazy! Now I know how my mom must have felt when we first moved away.

I am five books behind for my reading challenge. I set this ridiculously high goal and then set about reading these super long books. So I am reading the same amount as usual and they are only counting for a third. I swear I am contrary even to myself! I need to find a short sweet quick read series this summer to catch up on that number count.

Weight, fitness, size, body image. Oh gosh. I wish I could just skip this one all the time. I swear I will figure this out. I really do want to lose some size. If I put it in pounds probably that 10 that I stick with.

I was looking at this new diet plan they have been talking about, MIND, it's a blending of the Mediterranean Diet and the DASH diet, but it shows benefits for Alzheimer's. So you know it's in my wheelhouse. But it's new research and I'm not sure exactly what it entails. I keep reading more and more on it, and we will see. It's a diet as in, the way you eat forever, not diet like eat this and lose this much weight. So though I would still like to lose weight, this is not for that. So of course I am not sure on that angle as well. Maybe lose 10 pounds and THEN worry about brain health. Though as we all know, if I could get my brain healthy I wouldn't be so fucking obsessed with those 10 pounds...

Politics, social unrest, idiots on the internet...all of those things have been filling my brain lately too. With that persistent "log off, just log off" buzz. It's difficult because I am so tied to my friends through my online world but I am so over the rest of the online world that there is a real push pull on unplugging going on right now. For now I am sticking with the fact that by being online I am still exposing myself to a variety of opinions on subjects and that's always better than just sitting in an echo chamber of people who agree with you. But if the discourse continues to lower in tone I think I will opt for the echo chamber eventually. Better to erroneously believe everyone agrees with you than think that the world is filled with hateful, awful people, right? Or if not better than at least more peaceful.

And as you can tell by the brain dump of a blog that this was, my sleeping pattern is all messed up again. It's so much worse since I had a few months of 6 hours a night or so. Going back to this sporadic nonsense is wiping me out more than it used to. Hopefully that means that it won't last and I will go back to good sleep here again soon. Focus! Focus! Fo...did you ever realize that if you break it down Focus is like fo cus like you are pro cussing? Which I mean, I totally am, so maybe I don't lack in focus so much as I have an abundance of fo' cuss...

Yeah...sleep would be GREAT right about now.

"Blog a Saturday in May!" all wrapped up...

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