Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...oh Christmas Tree...

It's December 2nd and my house is not decorated for Christmas yet.

Let that sink in for a moment. December 2nd. Two days in to December. Five days past Thanksgiving. No decorations.

I am wearing Christmas earrings today. Which happened as a sort of an after thought as I got dressed...oh yeah...it's December I guess it's time to break those out.

I have Christmas stationary and cards on the desk waiting to be written and sent. But...


It's all new this year. C is really and truly on his own. Sure he came home for Thanksgiving like when he was in college though instead of coming home the week before Thanksgiving it was the night before but he spent the weekend with us feasting and watching a few movies, including Christmas Vacation and Elf, our two "FIRSTS!" for the holidays. But normally we would have decorated on Friday as well. We went to a hockey game instead.

And Saturday we watched football and The Lego movie. And Sunday we went to the movies instead. So no decorations.

It wasn't really supposed to go like that, I had a plan. We were going to sort through the boxes and boxes of shi...stuff...we've collected over the years and put the things he is going to want in to a separate area and then I would put out a few things and the rest would go to Goodwill. No more elf threw up in here decor. Time for less is more!

See he is only going to be home for Christmas for a few days. He's also 22 and a little past the whole needing a ton of stuff for Christmas decorations phase. It's the time to start new traditions! It would have been perfect!

Well, except when I brought it up to him I was met with a resounding, "meh...."

See I thought he would have things he really wanted to keep. Things that really mean Christmas to him. I forgot he's not really all that sentimental. And since he's not going to decorate his place this year he really didn't see the need for anything. So we decided to have a low key weekend and watch movies and lounge instead of trying to sort things he had no interest in sorting.

Which then left me with an un-decorated house.

Well that and we aren't putting up a giant tree this year. We are going to do a little table top one. So I don't even have a tree to put up.

And I need new outdoor lights because the experiment with the solar powered lights is OVER. So I don't even have lights to put up.

And I have no idea which of my elf vomit decorations I really want to put out anyway. So I have no decorations up.

So December 2nd and no decorations.

And the really weird thing is...

It's only weird when I think about it.

I'm not bugged that I have nothing up. And no plans for when I will put things up.

Is this the new Christmas tradition?

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...how barren are your branches...

Or would be, if you know, I had a tree....

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