Saturday, October 4, 2014

You don't sing me love songs...

"Shhh...listen...I love this song. It always reminds me of dating in college."

Sarah rolled her eyes, "You and every other woman our age."

"I swear you are the least romantic person I have ever met."

"Some boy sings you a song that some other guy wrote for some other person or wrote for a buck with the sole purpose of getting in your pants and if it doesn't work on you, or better yet if it does, he sings it to some other girl later and you think I'm not romantic for not falling for it?"

"See? So cynical."

"So realistic."

"Ah, Erica, leave her alone, we all know she's broken. No flowers, no songs, no chocolates..."

"Hey!" Sarah interrupted, "I never said no chocolates! You leave the chocolates as an option!"

"If you wanted chocolates what would you do?" Brian asked knowing the answer would prove his and Erica's point.

Sarah laughed, "Fine, I would just buy them for myself. The same with flowers. And music."

"See? Your romance switch is broken."

"It's not broken. You just have to work hard to flip it, okay, that sounds dirtier than I intended!"

"So have you ever fallen for a boy with a romantic song or have you always been like this?" Erica asked. She always fell for the guy with the flowers and the romance and could not imagine what it must be like to be Sarah. Always so guarded, so practical in everything. She had been her friend for almost ten years and had never seen her swept up in the romance of a new relationship. The guys she dated were always serious and polite, like her, but no poems, flowers, or overly romantic gestures.


Brian and Erica both leaned forward, "Oh go on! Now we want to know!"

"College. Freshman year. There was a boy in my English Comp class who wrote poetry. But not the flowery stuff, really moving pieces. Struggle and beauty. They were incredible. He's actually a pretty successful author now, but not in that genre. Anyway...we dated for awhile. I remember sitting outside one night after a football game. A song came on the radio, it was a pretty popular love song at the time, and he looked at me and said, 'Every time I hear this song I think of you.' I melted. It was just so very...Very. You know? Eighteen, on my 'own' and here was the perfect boy on this perfect night with this perfect song and it made him think of me."

"Aww...see? It's sweet!"

"Sure it was. Until a few weeks later when I was studying with a group of girls from another class and the song came on. I turned it up and one of the girls reached over and turned it back down. She apologized but this guy she had dated said that it reminded him of her and she just couldn't hear it right then. And yes, it was the same boy."

"Ouch! Okay, so that one boy was maybe a player. But we aren't all like that."

"So, Brian, you've never sung the same love song to two different girls? Or taken more than one woman to the same romantic little restaurant? Or told more than one woman that her eyes were the most incredible eyes you had ever seen?"

Brian smiled a little, "Maybe. But at the time I really meant it."

Erica looked shocked. "At the time?"

"Yes, at the time, when I am with a woman that I really like and I look in to her eyes right then they are the most incredible eyes. That doesn't mean they will always be the most incredible."


"What? Like you've never said the same thing to two different guys."

Erica looked a little chagrined at that. "Okay, maybe. But..."

"But you meant it at the time?" Brian smirked at her.

"Fine! Yes, but now I think maybe I have it all wrong."

Sarah held up her hands, "Oh no, Erica. You love the big gesture. Don't let me ruin it for you. It's just not for me. I want to be special and different and stand out from the crowd. When I find the guy who tells me that nothing he has ever seen or done is anything like me. That's when I will know I have found the man of my dreams."

Erica and Brian both sat back and looked a bit stunned.

Sarah looked puzzled, "What?"

Erica smiled, "That might be the most romantic thing I've ever heard."

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