Friday, September 26, 2014

Hovercrafts and bar people...

I had a dream last night that I went back to school. I wasn't in class in the dream. I was late for class and trying to decide if I should go ahead and go on in or just skip it. And as I was debating if I should skip it I was trying to decide when the last time I had actually gone to that class was and if that meant I was too far behind and should just look at dropping the class and picking it up next semester. When, I swear, I would go more often.

Basically a replay of my high school life, but without the option of dropping classes and picking them up later.

Though I did have a cool hover craft go cart thing that worked on land and in the water that I was racing back to the house in. And apparently I live at the resort in Hawaii we visited last February.

Oh and the public bathrooms have TVs and you watch the TV to see when your stall is open. Which is why I was late. I needed to pee and the channel wouldn't change.

Yeah. I don't know either...

Last night I also got a great couple of lines for a short story. And maybe that was the whole point? It was as I was racing back to the house, I drove (hovered?) past two girls talking on a porch. They weren't really in the dream, just background people. But as I flew by them on my hover craft I heard a snatch of conversation and it stuck with me. I've written that down in my notebook and will puzzle on those lines a little more. But I think my bar people were talking to me in my dreams. Probably because I've been busy lately and not listening to them while I am awake. Bar people are so pushy!

Sometimes I have a dream and it's completely obvious what problem my subconscious is chewing on. Sometimes not so much. Sometimes I get great short story ideas. Sometimes I get a completely random blog.

Either way it works out towards that number goal right? :-)

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