Thursday, May 22, 2014

Still grinding..

I have two different short stories that are vying for space in my head. They both really want to be written. I know this because they keep coming back up to the forefront when I am thinking of other things. But I am so stuck with them that it's starting to make me more than a little frustrated.

Part of the problem is that they are out of my normal realm for writing. One is a horror piece and one is's a mash-up. Two different stories that became one story, that I think will really work, but I only have these three scenes with no bridges and the bridges are killing me. And the two stories that are really one story are very different in tone from each other. But that's part of what I think works for the whole thing. The problem is I can't get it to work on paper.

The whole sand in my gears feeling. I am trying to get these two stories out of my head but they refuse to budge. Frustrating.

And while they are doing that nothing else is moving. It's like the other stories that are normally starting and forming have all gone quiet waiting for these to be done. So polite the voices in my frustrating...

So today I decided to take the oldest of the two ideas and just write. Force through the parts that weren't working. And I got about 30 lines in was crap. That's what it was. There is some piece I have to find to start and I don't have it yet. Without that key the lock won't turn. Super frustrating.

So basically this is another write so you write because you have to write to write blog post.

You're welcome.

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