Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oh look it's a blog!

This morning as I worked my way through my Facebook feed I stopped to read a few blogs from friends. I have one friend who is off on a big adventure doing volunteer work in Thailand. Another who writes beautifully about the challenges of parenting, catch this post quick it's already going viral in a big way, you can say you were one of the first to read it. And another who is giving a sneak preview for his sermon on Sunday. Quite the collection, and this was just today.

I love reading what my friends write. I have a few people out there that write fiction. A few that write about specific topics, parenting, marketing, cooking. And even few who take my "totally random" approach. It's interesting to see. It's a great way for me to see how people I haven't seen for years are doing. And what they are doing. And how they are coping.

I also read a few professional bloggers. The Bloggess for instance. And the blogs from a few published writers. Those are interesting as well. But in a different way. Even though it's still insight in to what is happening and their view of the world there is that point of separation, it's not a personal connection. Though it does make you feel a little bit like you "know" the person writing. Which I imagine would be weird for them if they meet their readers in person...


I wonder when people stumble on my blog what they think. Especially the people that I knew when...

I know reading Kerry's blog (the aforementioned minister) I hear his voice. Or at least his 16 year old voice. Which amuses me. To imagine a 16 year old leading a congregation. But it fits. And I'm glad he is doing something he feels called to do. We grew up together, I'm a few years older( a FEW!) and I'm glad he still finds the comfort in the church that I didn't. Though I have to say, reading his blog I think his church would be a mighty fine one to attend.

Reading Amie's blog (adventure!) I see her and hear her. Our friendship is newer, has it really been 10 years?  But it's completely her to do this sort of thing. I have enjoyed reading about her vacations in the past and her sense of "what next?" and this is just a great next for her and her husband.

Donnie and I have been friends since middle school. Reading about his challenges day to day caring for his daughter India as well as maintaining a great relationship with his other children has been inspirational. As well as knowing that this great loving father that I read about isn't that much different than that rowdy kid I knew back then. He's still there, telling horrible jokes, being more than a bit off color, but still being the best dad facing the biggest challenges any of us could have imagined.

So what do others think of me? Am I presenting who I am to the world through my writing? I like to think so.

Last year I was talking with a friend and he said I can get a bit ranty. Just a bit. But that it always seems to come from a place of wanting people to understand a different point of view. So if his impression is correct then I'm giving you exactly who I am. A bit ranty with a different point of view.

And totally random but...

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  1. Just found some time to read this post and all I can say is thank you. Well... I actually can say more and would love be as "off color" as I can be. But as luck would have it, my youngest daughter just pooped out of her diaper as she's sitting on my lap. India and Marion are howling with laughter and here I sit trying to finish this stupid comment as the warm sensation is working it's way from the top of my thighs to the region down yonder.

    I'm off to change my daughters diaper and mine. I'll do my best to be "off color" on "your" blog ASAP.