Friday, October 19, 2012

Answers? I got your questions right here....

I was chatting with a friend of mine last night about a project she is working on and she said, "I hope you know that I don't expect you to solve all of my problems for me." I told her that I was relieved because my strength isn't in answering questions, it's in giving you more questions to answer.

I was talking with another friend today about the same thing. She is the mother of a highly gifted son. Now, she is closer to the beginning of her journey while I am closer to the end but I still remember all of the challenges and special problems and considerations that you face as the parent of a super smarty pants kid. One of them is that simple answers rarely work. Because in life there often aren't simple solutions. There are a lot of answers to simple questions. And if your kid is one of those with an expansive mind they will come up with a lot of the answers and then ten more questions. Which as anyone who knows me can tell you, I dig.

You all see it in my blog. I like to question things. To ponder. To wonder. To figure out different answers. And to figure out why one answer is better than another, and does that answer change or is it absolute?  And what makes your answer different than mine? And is one better than the other? And how does my answer affect yours?

And sometimes when I am asking you questions I am asking them of myself at the same time. Take my girlfriend from last night. We share a few issues. So while I was asking her why she felt the way she did I also asked her what she would tell me if I said the same thing about myself. Because I have. To her. And I knew she would more easily have an answer for me than for herself. But I wanted her to see that it was the same answer. And that it's okay to have the struggles in life that we all share, we just have to step back and recognize that if you would have the right answers for a friend you probably have them for yourself as well.  You just have to have faith in your own answers and listen to what you are saying.

Or you need to ask more questions.

If you need help with that just ask me.

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