Monday, September 3, 2012

Week Three Check In...

I bet you all thought I forgot, hunh? Nope, just with it being the holiday and then wanting to capture that little fiction start earlier this got pushed to later in the day. But here I am! I are all terribly relieved and very excited to hear how the past week sweating with the oldy went.

Okay, here are last week's goals!

1. Keep on keeping on! Two work outs a day M-F with the stepped up time on the Zumba portion. One on Saturday.

2. Track the food again. No major changes to the diet just yet. Minor tweaking (breakfast mainly)

3. Keep the skinny bitch in check.

4. Positive thoughts.

And how did I do?

Pretty darn good. I did the same work out schedule as week two and will stick with that for two more weeks before I switch it up again. I did figure out that though the original statement for working out twice a day I was thinking once in the morning and then once in the afternoon that really doesn't work for me. Chunking up the day like that makes it really difficult to get other things done and as I have a house to maintain and writing that needs to get done as well this had to be switched. So now I am getting my first workout done taking a break, eating some yogurt or almonds, something with a little protein boost, waiting about an hour and then doing my second workout. This is much better for the rest of my schedule. Now all of that being said some days that's not going to work. Take today for instance. It's a holiday so Brent and I slept in then went out for breakfast. By the time I got the first workout of the day done it was noon. Then I wrote and we ran errands. So the second workout didn't happen until he left to go do a fantasy draft tonight.
Which is fine. Flexibility! The next holiday snare I will hit will be Thanksgiving so that should be interesting.

Tracking food worked out well. I don't think I really need to make big diet changes. Just watching those portion levels again has kept me right on track where I think I should be calorie wise. If I find my weight not shifting the way I want it to I will take another look but for now I am happy.

How did the skinny bitch and I do? Well she was happy because I lost two pounds this week and I was happy because I shut her down on Wednesday when she discovered a new tool on my tracking program. See if I eat too few calories the program I have actually warns you in BOLD RED LETTERS that you have to eat more. But it does this while at the same time showing you how little you would weigh in 5 weeks if you kept up that pace. Now on Wednesday I accidentally hit the "finish the day" button after lunch so of course I was way under calorie recommendations. If I kept up at that pace in 5 weeks I would be about 18 pounds lighter than I am today. Now this pleased the skinny bitch who then started to make plans on how few calories could be consumed for the balance of the day. I patted her on the head, reminded her that 18 fewer pounds on my frame wasn't good, grabbed a handful of grapes and planned the dinner menu around having PLENTY of calories left. She still checks at random times during the day to see the BOLD RED LETTERS, but so far we have reached the compromise that she can indulge in the fantasy but fit at 44 and I will take care of the reality.

Positive thoughts? Yep. Right on track. And don't tell anyone but I am pretty sure I saw my triceps today....

Goals for next week? Exactly same as this week. I have two more weeks for the first month of the program and then I will make some changes to the exercise. Yes, I know that makes 5 weeks for a month instead of 4 but that's how the journal I am using lays it out so 5 week months it is!

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