Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 6 recap...

Okay, it's a short one.

Workouts went well. I mentioned skipping Wednesday's workout in my ironing blog last week and I actually am planning on doing that again this week. The switch to the Jillian workouts from the Karen Voight daily series were a big step up.  Going from 30-40 minutes of light aerobic and then focused toning to 45 or 55 minutes of intense circuit training kicked my butt.  Today during my toning workout I was doing mat work and my workout towel was just out of reach, I went to use the edge of my shirt to wipe some of the sweat from my face and discovered there wasn't a dry spot on my shirt to use! So I will do myself a favor and skip Wednesday again this week and then pick it up next week after I have had these two weeks to adjust. Still doing Zumba and Yoga daily as well and won't switch those out until the end of this monthly cycle. But I think for this week two days off instead of one is a good idea again.

I finally broke the lose weight one week gain it the next cycle. Didn't gain any this week! Yay! I didn't really lose any either, but I didn't gain so that's good. Not that the lose, gain, lose, gain cycle wasn't amusing me, but it will be nice to not have to lose what I gained plus a little extra this week.

I'm still not overly worried about my food. Once I started tracking the calories sort of took care of themselves. Just needed to watch those portion sizes again and all was well. I'm never going to be happy giving up my goodies so I need to just make sure they are treats instead of  everyday things and watch the rest of what I am eating so that what I do eat is worth the cost to me. And to really enjoy what I do eat, which isn't really an issue for me, I love my food.

So what are my current goals? First off to make it through my Jillian workouts without cussing. Then to make it through them without doing any of the modifications. Then to make it through them with heavier weights. I am pretty sure that's going to take me through this cycle as well as next month's cycle.

The next set of goals is to keep on listening to my body. If it feels like I need to cut back a little then cut back, with no guilt. And then to keep going. Even if I need to take an extra day off for a couple weeks I am still working out a few hours a day for 5 days out of the week. That's a pretty significant increase from when I started and that's something I need to keep in mind and be proud of.

Okay, so that's the end of the first 6 weeks. Ta Da!


  1. lol, I saw a Jillian workout while I was out shopping. Almost grabbed it. Wasn't quite ready for that yet.

    1. She's tough. Not as mean as she was on the show, very supportive, but hard.