Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 4 wrap up....

Okay, here we go, Monday check in time.

Last week was a rough one, not going to lie. I woke up Tuesday morning with my back tweaked. Nothing like going to sleep fine and waking up hurt to make you feel old! So I powered through Tuesday's workouts with a few adjustments. Not better on Wednesday so I did it again. Made a few adjustments as things would hurt but kept up my pace. Then Thursday hit. As I was getting dressed Brent turns from the bathroom where he is getting ready for work with the look of concern over the noise he just big deal, it was just my hip sliding back into the socket. Yeah, the back issues were causing me to walk funny which made my already wonky hips wonkier so they joined the party on Thursday. And even then I was getting ready to go workout and hip slid again and I took that as the sign from the universe that powering through when you are my age means hitting a wall instead of being able to just tough it out and move over the speed bump.  So I rested.

Then the cold hit. So I didn't work out Thursday or Friday or Saturday. And what I learned is that it really really bugged me on Thursday not to be working out. I was in a good rhythm with my new more intense program, I had figured out a way to make it work for me and still leave me time in the day to do all of the other things I wanted to do and I was feeling a little antsy without the energy spend of the workouts. Then the fever from the cold hit and I got over that feeling and decided that the couch was good place to be. Then Friday still being sick and sore it was easier to forgo the workout from the start. Didn't even plan on working out. Then Saturday I probably could have worked out again. I do a lighter routine on Saturdays and I was feeling mostly better but I thought, better safe than sorry so I didn't. Sunday is a day off anyway so that made four days in a row with no workout.

And let me tell you getting back to it today took a giant push of motivation. I bought new shoes over the weekend so that I wouldn't keep pounding my back and hips on concrete in bare-feet so hopefully that will take care of the back issue soon. It's still a little sore but the self care I'm doing is helping that right along. And with the extra cushion of the new shoes I am hopeful it won't recur. Because I don't want to take another 4 days off. I'm not sure if I have it in me to start again if I do. It's very hard to get into the flow of working out, at least for me, but I was there and I was actually enjoying it and it was getting to be a pretty solid part of my day, but it was super easy to fall out. And to be fine with falling out.

I gained half a pound last week, which was expected. No workouts, no energy, sick food and advil (makes me gain weight for some reason) all together I'm actually shocked it wasn't more. But still this morning there was that voice in my head that said...this is an awful lot of work for no real results just yet. If you are going to pop right back up with your weight every time you get sick or tale a few days off for whatever reason what is the point?

So what was the point? The point was to see what I can do in six months. And I'm four weeks in. I haven't lost a ton of weight, but that wasn't the point. The point was to get fit. To see what muscles I could make come back out to play. And really the point was just to do it. And part of doing it is working around the times when for whatever reason, I can't. So I strapped on my new shoes and did my workouts. And I will do this series for another week and then next week starts month two and a change up of routine to keep going, to keep working on seeing what I can do.

So what I learned this week is that I can keep going even when I don't feel like it. I can get back on the program when I have stopped. And I have learned that I really don't want to take four days off again so I need to wear my shoes.

I'll check in next week with the stats from the first month.  Should be interesting!

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