Friday, August 10, 2012

Seems like I should...

Well it's Friday, I was cleaning, I had weird dreams so it just seems like I should be writing a blog.

The problem is that nothing is coalescing into a cohesive post. Stop laughing, I do too make cohesive posts! Not all the time, but often! Or at least sometimes. Okay, they make sense to me at least.

So instead of a nice tidy little blog you are going to get a few paragraphs of randomness put together on the page. Call it blog goulash!

First off...have you ever read a book where you just didn't like the main character? Ahem, Twilight, ahem. They were just unpleasant in some way. Maybe whiny or vacant or vague. Maybe something in the character reminded you of people you know and don't like so you couldn't ever find that bond with the character, that sympathy or empathy or just feeling of well being for them that you know should be there. Or maybe it's a character that you normally like and they took an odd turn. Harry Potter, I'm looking at you here. You were very likable for most of the books but there was one in there that I started rooting for Voldemort, I didn't like pouty teens when I was a teen, didn't like spending time with one any more as an adult. Katniss Everdeen, don't you start snickering now, you know you had a personality transplant in book 3 and went from "tough girl in a tough spot doing the best you can" to "petulant, whiny, crybaby with a vindictive streak who is unhelpful at best and intolerable at worst" but I still liked you enough to over look it all.  To know that if there had been a book 4 you would have bounced back just like Harry did.

But what do you think the writers feel? Do you think they know that the character is unlikable? Or being unlikable? And if you write what do you do when you have one of these people in your head forming? Someone shrill and spoiled and not really likable. And what if they are insistent that they have a story that needs told? Yes, you know where I am going with this. I have this character that has been popping up more and more. She hasn't fully formed yet, she hasn't given me a lot to work with but she's there. And she's really unpleasant. Spoiled child is what I am getting from her. I know it sounds weird but this is the way stories form in my head. The people start showing up. Sometimes they have a fully formed story that is just ready to come out. Sometimes they are waiting for the rest of their crew to show up. They go in to notes and wait. But the more I write out pieces of this woman's story the more I don't like her. What am I going to do with her?

Next...last night I dreamt that I was at a party a friend was holding. I didn't know anyone there but the hostess. One of the guests started talking about how he was going to get shock therapy for his daughter. He kept asking people what they thought about it and I finally spoke up. I told him that it was in no way shape or form okay to get shock therapy for an 8 year old child. I kept trying to get him to tell me what he thought was so wrong with the child she needed this. He wouldn't tell me, just said she was going to be "better" after the treatment. Then in the dream everyone at the party got mad at me for calling him out on this because his daughter was at the party and I shouldn't have questioned his parenting in front of her. They were all uncomfortable and were going to leave the party because of it. I tried saying that I would go so they could all stay but no, they all lined up to leave. I knew they were going someplace else to continue the party but couldn't convince them to stay and just let me leave.

Then as Brent, C and I were waiting to take the Max home they went to stand further down the platform so they could get on a different train than me. They were embarrassed to be with me after my bad behavior at the party. In the dream I couldn't figure out if everyone had gone crazy or if I had. In what world was I the bad one for saying the child was fine and he was okay for saying she needed shock therapy? It was one of those dreams that sticks to you when you wake up. I wanted to ask Brent why he wouldn't ride on the Max with me even though I knew it was a dream. When I told him about the dream this morning he said he was sure there was more to the story than I was telling him if he and C were shunning me as well. Harumph....

And lastly...

Dusting. I hate dusting. One of the really good things about living in a rain forest area is that you only have to dust every other week or so and your house looks fine. Usually. They are doing construction across the street right now and with the windows open for summer I am getting a layer of grit on everything all the time. Instead of dusting every two weeks I am dusting every two days. And it's not enough. And it's driving me nuts. I dusted the main room this morning and this afternoon as I was rinsing something in the sink I looked over at the dining table and....*sigh*... it's covered again. I can't keep up. I know laundry is this way for a lot of people. There is no end to it. As soon as you get all of the dirty clothes clean there is another load that pops up ready to go again. It's never ending.

Okay well after that brain dump let's see if there is room in there for a story or a blog to come together. Or maybe for less odd dreams.

Wait one more bit of randomness for the day...C just shouted downstairs that there is a wasp in his room. It's in the window on the cross frame. I asked what he wanted me to do and said he wasn't sure if there was a plan or not. Now I am wondering if we should have a wasp removal plan. I told him to trap it and kill it. That's all I've got for a plan. That and I am planning on freaking out a little that a wasp got in the house.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I think a character who is unlikable is great, if there is a purpose to it. There are plenty of people in our lives that we are forced to deal with that have less than desirable qualities, and sometimes it is difficult to remember they are just people with their own thoughts and purposes that don't integrate with your own. The main character doesn't have to be a bubbles and cuteness to be the star and be interesting. Did you see the movie "There Will Be Blood"? If not, go see it, or read the book it was based on called "Oil" by (I think) John Updike. The main character isn't always golden, but it's a great story.

    1. I think I'm just being selfish in that I don't want to live with this woman as my sidekick while I write about her. I have a feeling it's not going to matter, because she is getting more and more insistent that she has a story. But the thought of creating her and setting her upon the world is making me a little stubborn. And apparently crazy...

  2. I think if you aren't at least a little crazy, you have no business being a writer. We hear voices in our heads, live in fantasy worlds and other things that aren't what the normal people do everyday. Give her a redeeming quality you can focus on and other secondary characters to distract you. As she develops and you get to know her, you might find you like her more than you initially thought.