Monday, June 18, 2012


Remember earlier this month when I was stumped for something to write about and I promised a brilliant and shiny blog later that would make up for it?

Yeah, this isn't that one.

I have nothing for today so I will share a few funny bits of conversation from yesterday's field trip.

Me: Look at that! On the road 15 minutes earlier than planned and Dad isn't even here!
C: know the beach is west right?

Driving down the road and C's head whips around to look behind us...
Me: What's up?
C: We just passed the Charbonneau District and I have a friend back home whose name is Charbonneau.
Me: Umm...THIS is home!
C: It's funny when I am there I do call here home. And when I am here I call there home. No place is home when I am there.
Me: That's deep...Home is where you aren't.

Mother to 9 year old son: Can you see the octopus?
Boy: No
Mother: When she takes a picture the red light shows him.
(being helpful I take another picture)
Mother: Did you see it?
Boy: No
Me: (stepping to the side and pointing to where the octopus is hiding) See him there? It looks sort of like a pile of sticks and a bulb.
Boy: (now dripping with attitude) I see it. Thanks so much for all the helpful information.
Me: (turning to look at him giving back all of his attitude plus an extra dose to show he is not being nearly as clever as he thinks) And thank you for being so polite about it.

Driving home passing the Burger King we stopped at on the way to the beach to get something to drink and use the restroom...
Me: And there is the Burger King. Did you want to stop again?
C: No, I think I am okay. Cause it's you know...Burger King.
Me: It was a good Burger King, just exactly what we needed it to be when we needed it to be that...
C: Ummm...Okay....
Me: Remember when we stopped at that Burger King that one time?  Good times...good times...

There were many other moments but those are the ones I can remember right now. It was a good day. A good trip. The aquarium was nice, but we remembered why we don't go often. Lunch was excellent. If you are in Newport we recommend Georgie's and the blackened crab melt.  Oh. My. Gosh. Seeing the dock was very cool (see yesterday's blog) and of course just being at the ocean was excellent.

So I still owe you a brilliant shiny blog. Or I at least have to hope your memory fades about promising you one. Which it would probably help if I didn't remind you....

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