Thursday, May 10, 2012

End of one chapter and on to a new challenge...

So yesterday I closed my Time Out Massage Business accounts. One of the last steps in packing up and shutting down. I have cancelled my professional memberships, pulled down my contact information, closed out my books, started gathering up my business cards, deciding what to turn the studio in to next and what to do with my chair and table.  It's an odd feeling. I made the decision that this would be the last year I was in business at the end of last year. I stopped accepting new clients last year. I started looking at other things to do with my time last year, but I was expecting to have the slow fade out instead of the abrupt stop.  Even knowing it's what I want to do in the long run, and that it's only a few months earlier than planned it's still odd and has left me sort of out of kilter.

So with that I have come up with things to keep me challenged! First on the list...starting on Monday I am going to cook at home for all meals every day for two whole weeks!  I know for a lot of you this seems like an odd challenge, isn't this normal you are wondering? And for those of you that know me a little better you are thinking...Holy shit, she has lost her mind!

Yep, I am going to cook.  A lot. As those of you that do know me know it's not that I am a bad cook, it's that I have convinced myself that I don't like planning and grocery shopping. So what I decided to do is make a little mini challenge that will force my hand on those parts. And once I get in the flow of it I will realize it's not a big deal. It's nothing I can't handle and since I cook as well as many of the places we eat and I cook better food for us than most of those places it will be totally worth it. So this weekend will be spent laying in some meal plans for the next few weeks.  Then grocery shopping. I believe that the reason I don't like to grocery shop is because I don't like to plan. So I always feel a little lost going through the store.  What do I need? What do I want? How am I supposed to know on Monday what I want to eat on Tuesday?? But if I plan and fill that plan with things that we all like (or at least that I like, I'm the one cooking after all!) then I think I will look forward to the challenge. That's the plan. See?  I'm already in the planning zone!

Basic rules are simple, I must cook all meals at home for two weeks.  This doesn't mean they all have to be from scratch.  Trader Joe's has some mini-tamales they are advertising right now and I think I will be picking up some of those for sure.  What it does mean is that drive through or carryout eaten at home doesn't count. And I am allowing snacks or dessert out.  If we are running errands on the weekend and want a snack we may stop and get one as long as it doesn't cross over in to meal territory. I'm not a barbarian after all.

Now, of course, my first in challenge challenge will be that Monday will be the hottest day of the year so far so I will have to overcome my terror of lighting the grill to be able to cook outside...nothing like starting a challenge off with a bang.  Wait. No. Not a bang.  A bang would be bad....

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