Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stop and enjoy the perfection

This morning is gorgeous. It was very windy yesterday and it's not stormy today so the air is crystal clear. Bright and sunny. The sunrise is spectacular.

After taking Brent to work this morning I was sitting at a stop light looking up at the sky and there was a jet flying...the trail was hit by the light of the rising sun in such a way that it glowed bright white in the sky. So below the contrail line was the bright orange, pink, yellow of the sunrise then blue sky then the glowing white of the contrail itself. It was beautiful and I thought I would like to be able to sit and watch the whole time the jet flew but knew eventually the light would change and the cars behind me would not be happy with my choice. For a second I started to regret the leaving instead of enjoying what I could watch while I waited.

Then the light changed and I had to turn and focus on the road ahead. Leaving the beauty of the sky behind. The morning radio show I listen to went to commercial right at that point and I changed the channel only to hear Jeff Buckley singing "Hallelujah....hallelujah..." and my heart filled with the beauty of the moment. Perfection.

By the time I got home the trail in the sky was a broken patch of vapor trail in the blue...moments of perfection are fleeting, but they are all around us waiting to be found. Just remember to enjoy them while they are happening instead of looking past them.

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