Friday, May 19, 2017


Ever since she was a little girl she had wanted to be magic.

When she was little she watched old Bewitched re-runs and she practiced wiggling her nose for hours. She tried to be like I Dream of Jeanie and crossed her arms and nodded her head so much it gave her a headache. Any stray stick she saw was picked up and given a twirl just in case it was her magic wand.

It didn't stop as she aged.

She took a music class in middle school and they got to try out all of the instruments. When it was her turn with the drums the first thing she did with the drumstick was give it a practice wave. When she took her turn on the flute she imagined charming snakes to her will. The music teacher ended up giving her a tambourine because she was so distracted.

In high school she met a girl who said she practiced Wicca. Then she promptly insulted the same girl by getting angry that it wasn't actual witchcraft like in the books. She read about voodoo and old curses and evil eyes and on and on and on. None of it was what she was looking for. None of it made her magic.

In college she studied psychology and sociology. She learned about why people believe in magic and curses. Knowing that it was a search for order in a chaotic world did not stop her from wishing she was magic.

She read Harry Potter and dreamed of her long lost letter. She still tried to use the force to bring the TV remote closer. She couldn't resist waving her hand with a flourish in front of automatic doors or pausing and saying a small "spell" before activating the moving sidewalks in the airport.

She knew she wasn't magic. Not really. But she still wished that she was.

When he watched her staring at the remote, concentrating, he knew she was trying to use the Force to bring it closer and he sometimes tried to tip the table just a bit so it would slide closer. He always paused before stepping in front of the motion sensor to let her open the door her way. He never got on the moving sidewalk before she had activated it. He waited for her, he smiled at her quirks, he bought her wands, but mostly he loved her.

Because she was magic.

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