Friday, November 4, 2016


Had she already missed the turn? She slowed down even more trying to get her bearings. The fog was so thick this morning it made the world unfamiliar. Her normal 15 minute drive had taken 30 so far and she wasn't really sure if she was still on the right road. None of the landmarks she used to guide her way were visible. Was the last street light 38th street or 47th? Was she close to the turn or had she passed it? She peered out at the road again hoping for a glimpse of something familiar.

Oncoming cars appeared out of nowhere. Small pinpricks of haloed light showing for just an instance before the car passed on the other side of the road. She checked the dashboard again to make sure her fog lights were on. She reached over and turned down the radio even more and kept looking ahead. Trying to concentrate on the cotton ball she was driving through. She didn't dare slow down any more than she already had worried that cars behind her wouldn't notice until it was too late.

Was that a neon glow ahead? She strained to see if it was the blue of the new Lebanese restaurant's sign. Yes, it looked like it. This was right. She was still a few blocks from her turn. She hadn't missed it. She kept going.

The only way out of the fog was through it.

She smiled to herself. Yes. The only way out is through.

Her thumb automatically caressed the empty spot on her left finger. The past year had been all about making it through. And she had. You reach a point where you are as miserable as you can get. Where you have cried as much as you can. Where the hurt is all there is. And then you have two choices. You stop there. Frozen forever. Miserable. Or you keep going. Slowly, sure. Making sure you look for signs that you are on the right road. But you keep going. Protecting yourself so you don't get hit out of the blue. But you keep going. And eventually you make it out.

She had kept going.

She waited at the muted stoplight to turn. Her destination now feet away. The glow of the lights in the parking lot a beacon to guide her in.

The only way out is through.



But she had made it safely through the fog.

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