Friday, April 22, 2016

Questions...(National Poetry Month #22)

Where does your mind go when it wanders?
What do you see in the day when you dream?
If you follow your thoughts where do they lead?

Out the door?
Down a path?
To the sea?

Or maybe back to me...

What do you wish for upon that star?
When the candles are lit and the song is through?
When you cross your fingers and close your eyes?

Success and fame?
Wealth beyond measure?
Happiness for ever more?

Or maybe one more day with me...

What do you need when the world turns cold?
What do you seek when the light all runs away?
What do you crave when the darkness is too full?

A light on your path?

Or maybe your hand in mine...

No matter where you wander.
No matter what your wish is for.
No matter how scared you are.

I will wander with you.
I will wish next to you.
I will stand strong with you.

Me. One day more. Your hand in mine.

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