Saturday, April 2, 2016

Freeway...(National Poetry Month #2)

She watched the cars speeding along the freeway.
So busy. So fast. So many of them.
Red. Blue. Silver. Black. White.
Every one shiny with chrome.
Sparkling in the sunshine.
Blinding with brilliance.

If only she could catch one and hold on.
Gripping the fender as it sped along.
The wind blowing through her hair.
The world unfolding around her.
Seeing things she'd never seen.
Loving the speed. 

But before she could grab hold. 
Before she could choose, 
The cars were long gone.
Speeding down the road.
But there would be more.
The road was busy.

She usually loved the freeway. Loved the cars.
The sheer abundance. The shine. The speed.
Always chasing the thrill. The adventure.
The possibilities they brought to her.
But there were other times
When slow would be best

One road. One lane. One car. One chance.
Quieter. Slower. Maybe less shiny. 
Peaceful? Is that what she wanted?
Slow like a Sunday drive.
Enjoying the view
Taking it all in.

Yes, that might be a very nice way to live.
On a quiet side street. With fewer cars.
One at a time. Orderly. Neat. Calm.
But that had never been her brain.
She had a crowded freeway. 
Full of speed and shine. 

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