Friday, February 12, 2016

Promises Made (part 4)...

Tina answered her phone: "Crazy homeless dude is Edward Newsome."

"And hello to you too, Greg."

"Sorry, I just can't believe it. Crazy homeless dude is Edward Newsome."

"You say that like I'm supposed to know 1.who crazy homeless dude is and 2. who Edward Newsome is." Tina replied to Greg's announcement.

"The crazy guy who sits outside Helena's building. He's really Edward Newsome. Edward Newsome. The real estate mogul? He's worth millions. Her doorman, Charles? James? whatever his name is, her doorman told me."

"Then why is he homeless?"

"He's not! That's what I'm saying. The crazy guy who sits outside on the sidewalk is rich. Like crazy rich. But not crazy crazy."

"I'm still not following you."

"Okay, you know the crazy guy who sits outside of Helena's apartment building?"

"No. So that's our first barrier. I've never seen a crazy guy outside of her building."

"Seriously? How could you miss him? He's there every time I go to pick her up."

"I don't know, maybe he's only there at night. If he's a big time business man he would be busy during the day right? I've only been over to her place for brunch on Sundays and a few times we met before there before going to the movies. Mostly we meet up where we are going."

"Wait? For brunch? So you've been inside her place?"

Tina laughed, "Well yes, she didn't bring the food down to the lobby so Terry and I could eat together. Though she did bring him some muffins as we left to go shopping so that was nice."

"How do you remember the doorman's name and not notice the homeless guy?"

"How do you never remember the doorman's name and only notice the homeless guy?"

"Fine, whatever, but don't you think it's odd that a millionaire would spend his time sitting on a street corner mumbling to himself? I knew something about him was off. He always bugged me. Now I think it's part of a plot to lower the property values and buy her building for a song."

"You've figured it out then. What's your next step, Sherlock?"

"Nothing. I just think it's interesting. That's all. But now I want you to tell me about her apartment. Is it nice? I bet it's nice. How does it smell?"

"Like brunch. Get a grip, Greg, you are starting to freak me out."

"Sorry, I'm actually just a little nervous. I think this week is the week. I think I'm going to get the invite upstairs. She's been sort of hinting around about taking things further. I think I've passed the test."

"Wow. Big step with Helena. She's not a casual dater. If she is willing to sleep with you then she's committing for the long haul. You realize that right? Sex isn't just a fun pastime for her. She views it as something deeper."

"I know, we've had all the serious talks. I know she feels a 'spiritual connection' along with the physical. I've dated girls like that before. None that have made me wait this long, granted, but I get it. She takes it seriously."

"She does. But do you?"

"Sleeping with Helena? Yeah, I take that very seriously. Hey, I've gotta run. I need to double check our Valentine's Day reservations. Everything needs to be perfect, not going to get this close to the finish line and fail now!"

Tina stared at her cell phone for a minute after Greg broke the connection then shook her head. If he was viewing this as the finish line instead of the starting gate she didn't think he was really ready for Helena.

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