Friday, September 4, 2015

Practical Magic Notes (#1)

So the next section is Aric's.

I know I've used it as a bridge piece. A little more explanation about the worlds. What I will need help with is does this fit following Cal and Deidre's section? Should it be earlier or later? Should I add some more about Jocelyn as well or just keep her paired as a counterpoint to Deeds?

Aric comes in and out of the story as our bridge between the two worlds. Deidre is obviously of The Gifted. She will always think like The Gifted, always act like The Gifted. It's very central to her core. Jocelyn will play a role in bridging as well, but she's a Prophet so her acceptance by The Others will be more limited.

Aric is a Spell Caster so he will seem the most "normal" to The Others and will be sort of our voice in their world. If that makes sense?

Which is what I need to know. Does his part make sense?

Feedback now or later as the story progresses would be great.


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