Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How did you know?

She always seemed to know things she shouldn't.

Or maybe not shouldn't so much as couldn't.

She always seemed to know when the phone would ring.

When the knock on the door would come.

When the babies were due.

When they were lost.

Cookies were baked and waiting for the surprise visitors.

Fresh linens were on the bed for overnight guests who didn't know they were staying.

Cards were purchased just waiting to be mailed...congratulations, condolences.

She always just seemed to know.

Her children never tried to get away with anything.

Neither did her husband.

There would be no point in lying, she would always know.

And she would just let you go until you tripped yourself up.

She always just knew.

Until the day she didn't.

When the test results came that surprised her.

When she hadn't seen how the story would end.

When she faced the unknown.

She went home to find...

Unexpected visitors.

Fresh linens.



They just knew.

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