Saturday, February 21, 2015

Write me a story...

"I want you to write me a story."

"You do, do you?"

"Yes. Write me a story about me. I want to be the hero."

"You want me to write a story where you are the hero?"

"Yes. Have me do something cool. And say all the best lines. And get the girl in the end."

"Sounds like you already have the story written. Why don't you just go ahead and do it?"

"Because you are a better writer than I am. So I want you to write me a story about me."

"You know most of my stories don't have happy endings right?"

"This one will. I will get the girl and all the money and a cool car."

"But I don't write like that. If I were writing a story about a hero who gets the girl then the end would be something dark and twisty."

"Not this time. This time you will write something that shows me being awesome and everything great happening to me. It will be the best story ever."

"Yeah, I think maybe you should write this story. It doesn't really sound like my sort of story."

"You write all sorts of stories. Now I just want you to write this one. Come on, it can't be that hard."

"Well if it's not that hard, you do it."

"Not that hard for you I mean. You write stories. I'm just an idea man."

"I write my stories. This is your story. You should write it. You wouldn't be happy with a story I wrote for you."

"I would be though. Because I'm telling you how it should go."

She laughed then, "But that's not how it goes. I might start out writing about what a great big hero you are but it will turn at some point. Because that's what my stories do. You've read them right?"

"Yeah, I read them. That's why I want you to write it. Come on...write me a story."

And so she did.

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