Saturday, January 31, 2015


Okay here we are at the end of the first month of new goals. How is it going?


To get to 10 lbs down by the end of March it averages out to 3 1/3 pounds a month. I lost 1.8.

To get to 85 books read in a year I need to average right at 7 a month. I read 6.

To get to 180 blogs in a year I need to average 15 a month. This makes number 12.

So yeah, I'm a little behind on the tangibles. How about the rest?

Cooking at least three times a week? Except for the week my kitchen was torn up that has been working out well. Even worked it around an abundance of hockey games this week. And it has been fun and is widening our choices quite a bit. Blue Apron has a vegetarian option as well as the one we are doing. I am somewhat tempted to sign up for that one as well to cover three more nights. But Brent's not too sure about that one. And honestly 6 nights might be pushing it most weeks. At least during hockey season.

Stepping up my workouts again? I've increased all of my base weights and cardio time. So that's going well.

Tai Chi? I've learned three out of six sections. I can go from parting the wild horse's mane to repulsing the monkey step back four times with nary a hesitation. Once I've got all of them memorized then we will see how it works as a moving meditation. Right now it's still kind of a moving, "Wait? What? Left arm push and what?" But I'm getting there.

So things are progressing.

The weight thing is (of course) the one that makes me the most crazy. Because I am predisposed to crazy where that is concerned. I started out way ahead of the curve and then gained weight back. Now it could be the cold, it could be my body holding on to weight just because I've been so mean to it over the decades. It could just be a fluke and I will drop it all back off next week. But it's still frustrating. But I'm still keeping everything I am doing really public so I don't go off the rails, or at least am less likely to. Or when I do someone will catch it. How is that?

Books and blogs I can make up for pretty easily. So that shouldn't be a problem to catch up on. There's a new Gaiman book out next week so that should be devoured in a day. Worst case scenario a blog a day month and I have a full month of catch up taken care of. I also just realized I didn't post a single piece of fiction in January. How odd. I'll have to make up for that in February. Maybe some really lousy Valentine's Day poetry.

Right now I am finishing putting my house back together from the new floors. The baseboards are all re-installed I just need to put a line of caulk on them and they are done. Which is really not fun. Messy and disgusting actually. But I should have them finished soon. Painting the wall in the living room after that. Finding a rug or chair mat solution for the chairs in the study. Getting a new couch to replace our busted one. Then looking to see what we want to do next with the house.

So that's where I am on goals and projects so far. One twelfth of the year done.

How are you all doing so far?

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