Friday, October 5, 2012

Dream a little dream of me....

The human brain is a pretty fascinating thing. Last night a friend of mine told me about a dream she had recently. It wasn't a tough one to figure out what it meant and it was pretty amusing as well. So that was on my mind as I went to sleep. And then I had this dream (the story you are about to read) not the dream the women are talking about but I actually dreamed about the women talking about a dream. It was a dream discussion in the middle of a dream, Inception style. Now while I was dreaming it last night I thought the women talking were the two women from the series of short stories I have been working on for ages but when I started writing it out I realized that it couldn't be.

The voices weren't right. Kat is very confident and sure of herself and this woman wasn't quite there yet. Alex (she used to be Sandra last time you read about her, I'm pretty sure she's an Alex now) wasn't quite compassionate enough and she seemed single and Alex is very married. I thought maybe it was them at a younger age, but that didn't work either. So this bit just doesn't work with the rest of them. So instead of tucking it away into the half formed ideas folder you all get it. It's still half formed but I thought how it came about was interesting enough to share.

"I had the weirdest dream last night. I was at this like neighborhood picnic thing. There were all of these families and kids around and we were all in this big open house. So anyway, there's this guy there and we keep like accidentally touching each other. You know? Like reaching for a drink at the same time or bumping in to each other leaving a room. And it's like pure electricity every time we touch. I mean there is like this spark jumping from him to me and back. So we start doing it a little more frequently and a little less accidentally. At one point I looked down and we were holding hands. We both did that 'Oh! Sorry!' thing and pulled away but it was just hot. Like I wanted to keep touching him just to see where it would lead. Because there was something there for sure.

But then the night started wrapping up and the guy's wife shows up and he leaves with her. And right as that happened I realized that I wasn't real. I was like a figment of his imagination. Nobody else there had even noticed me all night and I hadn't realized it was because I wasn't real.

So what do you think, Madam Freud? Weird right?"

"When did Damon call?" Janine asked sounding almost bored.

"What? This wasn't about Damon. He's not even married. How could it be about him?"

"Please. He's as unavailable as if he were married. The big thing the two of you have going is great chemistry but it never works out because you lose yourself every time the two of you start to date. You won't take out of town assignments unless he can get the time off of work to go with you. Even though he never puts you ahead of work. You won't make plans with your friends or you cancel if he is free. You don't even have time to grab a drink with a friend and talk about the weird dream you had last night. The last time you two broke up you said that he doesn't even know you. That you are just another prop for his success story. The hot girlfriend."

"We do have great chemistry."

"And he's totally unavailable. Don't call him back. You know it doesn't end well. He will make all of the right noises about how much he's missed you and you will cave. Do you want to go back to living on hold? Waiting for him to let you know when he is free to see you? When you fit in to his life? Waiting for that call?"

"But he's sooo hot!"

"Then go buy a new vibrator and think about him. And while you are at it think about that hot guy you dated in college. The tall gorgeous one? The actor? Who looked like he was chiseled out of granite but was as dumb as a box of rocks. Girl, you just need to get laid, you don't need to call Damon back!"

"Oh my god! I can't believe you just said that!"

"Am I lying?"

"No, but I can't believe you said it!  And for the record Damon hasn't called me."

Janine looked at her friend and raised her eyebrows, "Oh really?"

"He sent me a text. God I hate it when you are right!"

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