Monday, August 27, 2012

Week Two Wrap Up...

Here we go, weekly check in time!

Last week's goals:
1. Add in that second workout. I have some tricky scheduling days ahead so it will be a challenge but I can do it.
2. Keep tracking my food to see how my diet really is.
3. Decide if I need to change the nutrition aspect starting next week.
4. Don't eat all of the chocolate when C leaving for school and PMS meet the middle of this week.
5. Positive thoughts! (this one will probably be repeated a lot!)

How did I do?

1. Got in all of the extra workouts. On the days where I had other appointments and the schedule was tight I just rearranged when I did the second. Instead of one in the morning and one in the afternoon it was two in the morning and on Friday it was back to back. Which was actually a nice "push" for the end of the week. And then just because I had the time on Saturday I actually added in an extra 20 minute workout that isn't on the "required" work schedule.

2. I tracked all week but because it was my birthday and C's last few days in town before he left it wasn't really a typical week so it's hard to say.

3. Because of #2 I think I will do one more week with just a few changes (no birthday) and see then how the diet needs to be adjusted. This is the piece that will be a moving target.

4. I didn't eat ALL the chocolate. Just some of it. But the PMS did affect me and it's good to make a note of it in my tracking pages.

5. Needed those thoughts.

Sunday is the "official weigh in day" and after keeping my weight steady all week and then down on Saturday it was up when I stepped on the scale Sunday. What? How can I be down a pound on Saturday and then on Sunday be up by half a pound? There is no way I gained a pound and a half over night! *stomp, stomp, stomp* Times like this it's good to have a spouse that understands you. There were a lot of very valid reasons that my weight would swing like that. The aforementioned PMS (ladies understand that weight stops making any sort of sense for 3-4 days a month as your body holds on to water, then releases it, then gathers it back up), we also ate dinner very late on Saturday night and it was a higher in salt meal. And since my weight had been steady then dropped it was most likely just a fluctuation and it would steady back out early in the week. As Brent recited all of these facts to me (which I had already recited to myself to keep from throwing the scale out the window) and then also acknowledged that though I knew all of this it wasn't going to make me feel much better, I actually had to smile.

I know all of that. I know it's all true. I also know that it didn't matter. Sunday is the day I write the number on the chart and it looks like I didn't do the work last week because the number went up. And I did do the work. So I took my positive thoughts from #5 up there and I reviewed my journals. I read the daily notes I made about what I did. I looked at the calories I burned by working out. I acknowledged that the skinny bitch inside me was panicking, as she does, because the numbers didn't go down like they are "supposed" to. And then I let it go.

Because, after all, that's not the point this time. The point is to see how strong I can get. How much muscle definition I can bring back. How much more fit I can be. I'm not here to please the skinny bitch who wants to weigh an impossible to maintain amount. I'm here to find out where the fit fabulous 44 year old can take her body. So we move on.

This week's goals!

1. Keep on keeping on! Two work outs a day M-F with the stepped up time on the Zumba portion. One on Saturday.

2. Track the food again. No major changes to the diet just yet. Minor tweaking (breakfast mainly)

3. Keep the skinny bitch in check.

4. Positive thoughts.

See you next week!

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