Monday, August 20, 2012

Week One Wrap Up...

Week two day one starts today! So first things first, let's look at last week's goals and see how I did.

1. Do the daily workout. No excuses.
2. Keep an eye on my shoulder. The rehab was great for internal and external rotation but there was a little muscle tweakiness on the circumduction movements. This might need some trigger point therapy, either self or from someone else.
3. Start thinking about what work outs I want to do next week.
4. Start thinking about the food part.
5. Positive thoughts!

How did I do? Well....

1. Worked out every day M-F and got in the one weekend workout. Saturday was going to be a chopped up schedule day and I had been trying to figure out when to fit in the workout. I couldn't sleep Saturday morning and instead of lying in bed just waiting for everyone else to get up I went ahead and got up and worked out. Bingo! Done before the weekend even started so I feel as though I got two days of recuperation.

2. The shoulder is doing pretty well. It warms up nicely while working out but every once in awhile I am still getting a pull where the muscle wants to hold. I will keep working on it and keep an eye out to make sure I don't re-injure but for right now I feel like it's just going to keep improving.

3. I added Zumba this week. Figured that a straight up cardio would be a good add while I am in my "warm up" phase. I dabbled in Zumba last Fall but didn't get very far. So this time I am actually starting with their instructional series and working my way in to the routine instead of getting cocky and just jumping in with both left feet. Imagine that....

4. So the food part...that was interesting. I figured I would take these two weeks to try out different tracking programs and see where I need to improve. Since I am not planning on going back on WW I needed something that would track caloric breakdowns and let me figure out nutrition that way. I started with since I have noticed a LOT of my friends using it. I think I will be sticking with this one. Nice database for food and I can track my workouts as well and it does a nice trick where it adds those calories burned back in to your daily allowance so it should help me in keeping up with eating enough. Now all that being said I wasn't going to start worrying about food for a few weeks, and I'm not, but just the act of tracking changes your behavior. WW has emphasized this for years with people. If you write down what you eat you become very aware of what you eat and you make different choices. By next week I might decide I really don't need to change much about my diet but just keep an eye on my portion sizes.

5. Positive thoughts!  So far so good on that front!

So accomplishments last week:
1. I met all my goals.
2. I ended up losing 2 pounds.
3. I kept going this week.

What are my goals for the next week?

1. Add in that second workout. I have some tricky scheduling days ahead so it will be a challenge but I can do it.
2. Keep tracking my food to see how my diet really is.
3. Decide if I need to change the nutrition aspect starting next week.
4. Don't eat all of the chocolate when C leaving for school and PMS meet the middle of this week. :-(
5. Positive thoughts! (this one will probably be repeated a lot!)

There we go! Week Two started with a bang. One work out down, one to go for today. Yay! Piece of cake...oh yum....cake....

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